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RNPRequired Navigation Performance
RNPRede Nacional de Ensino E Pesquisa (Portugese)
RNPRede Nacional de Pesquisa (Portuguese: National Research Network; Brazil)
RNPResearch Network
RNPRegional Network Provider
RNPRosa Nel Pugno (Italian Political Party)
RNPRajaji National Park (India)
RNPRanthambhore National Park (India)
RNPRibonucleoprotein Particle
RNPRegistered Nurse Practitioner
RNPRequired Navigational Performance
RNPResearch Networking Programme (various organizations)
RNPRassemblement National Populaire (French political party)
RNPRelay Node Placement
RNPRadio Network Planning
RNPRegional Network Provider (computing)
RNPRichtersveld National Park (South Africa)
RNPRemote Network Processor
RNPRengo Nonwoven Products (Japan)
RNPRepublican National Party
RNPRéseau National de Promotion (French: National Promotion Network)
RNPRevue de Neuropsychologie (French: Neuropsychology Journal)
RNPRemove for Non-Payment (Sprint)
RNPRadio Navigation Point
RNPRecovering Nurse Program (Louisiana)
RNPResearch for Nursing Practice
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The FAA has authorized Naverus, a private company, to be a Required Navigation Performance (RNP) Procedure Developer.
Both the airline and the FAA feel that the new procedure, called Required Navigation Performance, should provide a safer approach for the carrier's aircraft and could possibly help to alleviate congestion.
Included in the avionics upgrade is a full glass cockpit with new primary flight displays, Required Navigation Performance Area Navigation flight management system with High Altitude Release Point and Computed Air Release Point precision airdrop software.
To qualify as an ASPIRE-Daily route, aircraft must be equipped with advanced avionics, including satellite-based Required Navigation Performance avionics and the Future Air Navigation System.
An Etihad Airways Airbus A330-200 has performed the first Required Navigation Performance [ETH] Authorization Required (RNP-AR) approach to Abu Dhabi Airport (AUH), marking the beginning of full RNP-AR implementation throughout AUHOs airspace.
Participants of the course will learn the meaning and principles associated with area navigation and the ICAO performance based navigation concept which replaces the required Navigation Performance concept.
Naverus, a company subsidiary, designed the instrument flight path, which includes Required Navigation Performance technology (RNP), a mainstay of the FAA approved NextGen airspace modernisation plan.
The Federal Aviation Administration is to develop and implement a plan to establish use of Required Navigation Performance (RNP) over the next year, in a move designed to significantly increase the capacity and efficiency of the USA's airways.
Alaska Airlines' sister carrier, Horizon Air, has received approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to begin using its proprietary Required Navigation Performance (RNP) instrument approach procedure at Friedman Memorial Airport near Sun Valley.
The deployment of Required Navigation Performance (RNP) will be performed through a holistic approach - the design of the procedures along with specific tailored training are part of a National initiative driven, jointly, by the Direccion General de Aeronautica Civil (DGAC) of Mexico and Servicios a la Navegacion en el Espacio Aereo Mexicano (SENEAM).
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