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RRPRenovation, Repair and Painting (US EPA certification)
RRPRecommended Retail Price
RRPRefugee Resettlement Program (various locations)
RRPRoasted Red Pepper (culinary shorthand)
RRPRegulatory Review Period (various organizations)
RRPResidential Rehabilitation Program (various organizations)
RRPRecovery and Rehabilitation Programme (UN Development Programme)
RRPRegistry Registrar Protocol (Network Solutions, Inc)
RRPResilient Ring Protocol
RRPRegional Resource Panel
RRPRapid Response Process
RRPReservation Request Periods
RRPRole Resolution Protocol
RRPRegistry Registrar Protocol
RRPRouter Redundancy Protocol
RRPRandom Reservation Protocol
RRPResource Reservation Protocol
RRPRecurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis
RRPRadical Retropubic Prostatectomy
RRPRelease Retail Price (sales)
RRPRetail Ready Packaging
RRPReadily Releasable Pool
RRPRobinson Ransbottom Pottery (Roseville, OH)
RRPRembrandt Research Project
RRPRisk Reduction Program
RRPRapid Response Program (various organizations)
RRPRiparian Restoration Proposal (Washington)
RRPRegistered Rehabilitation Professional (Canadian Association of Rehabilitation Professionals Inc)
RRPRegistered Resort Professional
RRPRokkasho Reprocessing Plant (Japan)
RRPRecurrent Respiratory Papillomas
RRPRelative Refractory Period
RRPRegional Response Plan (DHS reference for Homeland Security Plan)
RRPRengo Riverwood Packaging (Japan)
RRPReport and Recommendation of the President to the Board of Directors (Asian Development Bank)
RRPRecreation Research Program (US Army)
RRPRelief, Return and Reintegration (UN)
RRPRapid Refuel Point (military aviation)
RRPRunway Reference Point
RRPReentry Rally Point
RRPRemote Registry Protocol
RRPRapid Reinforcement Plan
RRPRadio Reconnaissance Platoon (US Marine Corps)
RRPRemote Radar Post (air defense system)
RRPRequired Retail Price
RRPRadar Range Profile
RRPReturn Reintegration and Protection (UN MIssion in South Sudan)
RRPRod-Restack Process
RRPRadar Receiver Processor
RRPReverse Range Pressure
RRPRecovery and Resolution Plan (finance)
RRPResidue Reduction Program
RRPRadio Relay Points
RRPRequired Risk Premium
RRPRightful Radical Party (political party)
RRPRegional Research Plan (Canada)
RRPRhizosphere Research Products
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Overall, the results were basically similar, but the implicit risk premium offered a more robust fit (higher [R.sup.2] and lower standard errors).(15) This evidence partially supports the conjecture by RS (1986) regarding the inadequacy of the stated, or fixed, spreads on corporate floaters in measuring the investor's required risk premiums.
This includes the extent to which inflation has been incorporated in the hurdle rate, what assumptions have been made regarding capital structure and whether there have been any changes in the industry since the hurdle rate was established that should be reflected in the required risk premiums. To make informed decisions, management of corporate acquirers and their advisors must understand how the hurdle rate was derived to ensure that it is applied in a manner that is intemally consistent, so that the resultant corporate acquisition analysis can be meaningfully interpreted.