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RYRoyal Bank of Canada (stock symbol)
RYRunway (also seen as RNWY and RWY)
RYRebel Yell
RYReal Year
RYRequired Yearly
RYRouyn, Quebec (Ontario Northland railway code)
RYUS Revenue Firearms Transfer (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
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For instance, if the parents residual income is pounds 25,000, the required yearly contribution will be pounds 588.
The "arm and train" program required yearly presidential certification, which Bill Clinton granted despite Iran's growing dominance in Bosnia.
Regarding TV, that means a required yearly Canadian content level of at least 60%, measured over the broadcast day.
There were few comparable sales, so those mortgages that required yearly appraisals were often called.
They funded the trust with $15 million, which was invested in securities the income from which would be used to make the trust's required yearly charitable donations.
King credits the department's required yearly CPR training for her quick, calm response.
Some of the obvious drawbacks include the tax-penalty for early withdrawal, the $2,000 maximum amount that can be invested, the potential 15% excise tax and the required yearly reporting to the Internal Revenue Service.
Officer Sisson and K-9 KYRA continue to train every day, attend seminars to stay current with their required yearly certifications, and continue to develop their expertise in providing the highest level of security and public safety for the City of Providence, the State of Rhode Island and the country.
A booster is required yearly four to six weeks before lambing to allow for good transfer of colostral immunity via the milk.
Didn't you intend to say: About 30,000 qualified, careless recipients of assistance failed to submit required yearly update information?
has chosen software from analytics leader SAS to conduct required yearly regulatory stress tests and supplemental quarterly evaluations.