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RMDRequired Minimum Distribution (from a qualified plan)
RMDRichmond (Indiana)
RMDRemote Directory
RMDRemovable Media Device
RMDRisk Management Division
RMDRoche Molecular Diagnostics (medical equipment)
RMDRonald McDonald
RMDRadiation Monitoring Devices, Inc. (Watertown, MA)
RMDRecords Management Division
RMDResource Management Division
RMDRecords Management Department (various organizations)
RMDRelease on Minimum Documentation
RMDResearch Methods Division (various locations)
RMDRhythmic Movement Disorder
RMDRippling Muscle Disease
RMDRocky Mountain Double (truck combination)
RMDRegulated Metal Deposition (Welding)
RMDResource Management Decision (US DoD)
RMDRaw Materials Division (mining industry)
RMDRequired Markup Declaration (XML)
RMDRegional Managing Director
RMDRamagundam, India (Airport Code)
RMDRéseau Musique et Danse (French: Music and Dance Network)
RMDReligious Ministries Department (US Navy)
RMDRockman Dash (video game, released as Megaman Legends in US)
RMDRecording Management Data (optical disc recording)
RMDResource Management Directive
RMDRaw Materials Data (mining industry)
RMDRapid Model Development
RMDReady Money Down
RMDRelay, Manual, Delayed
RMDReadiness Management Division
RMDRémoise de Menuiseries et Dérivés (French)
RMDRacing Model Distribution (France)
RMDRetail Management and Design
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If you're over 70 A1/2, you can gift up to $100,000 tax free from your IRA directly to a qualified charity and have this donation count toward your annual required minimum distribution.
Failing to take a required minimum distribution could result in a 50% tax penalty on the amount not withdrawn, so pay attention to deadlines to avoid getting hit.
The younger the beneficiary, the lower the required minimum distribution, which allows more funds to remain in the account over time.
Summary paragraph: When a required minimum distribution is not paid on time
This column is mostly directed at those of you "of a certain age" who are facing the Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) from an IRA account.
These are not legacies, since decisions are made annually, but if individual tax circumstances warrant, the required minimum distribution, up to $100,000, can be paid directly to the charity and not count as taxable income or qualify for a contribution deduction.
Finally, you cannot convert required minimum distribution amounts from a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA.
This is driven by a tax rationale: Since pension contributions are generally tax-deferred, Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) rules require that taxes should be paid on pension benefits during old age.
In addition to the guaranteed lifetime income provided by these products, consumers can defer a portion of the Required Minimum Distribution, which is mandatory beginning at age 70 1/2, to as late as age 85.
The required minimum distribution is the amount the federal government requires you to withdraw each year, usually after you reach age 701/2, from your retirement accounts," Slome explains.
The principal of these was relaxing the application of required minimum distribution rules to accommodate longevity annuities or QLACs in DC plans and IRAs.
The market for longevity annuities is currently very limited, but the administration hopes that relaxation of the required minimum distribution rules will encourage expansion of the products' use.
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