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RESENRapport d'État du Système Éducatif National (French: State Report of the National Education System)
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15,2011, available at both-the-merchants-and-the-fed-misread-durbin-1044930-1.html (noting that a group of retailers and retail associations have brought suit against Fed because requirements of the Durbin Amendment are 'arbitrary, capricious and an abuse of discretion'); see also Retailers Taking Legal Action Against Federal Resen,e over Durbin Amendment, CREDIT CARD PROCESSING (Dec.
The incident was seriously resen ted by all Kashmiris and also invited condemnations from all over.
Namely, the population in the rural areas in the municipalities Kratovo (26.49%), Pehcevo (24.60%), Resen (24.23%), Demir Hisar (21.50%) and Probistip (21.07%) in 2002 is in deep demographic old-age.
The fire in the Sofia-Varna train erupted shortly before 6 pm on Wednesday in its locomotive near the village of Resen, Veliko Tarnovo District.
--Embroidery, knitting and sewing (Central area of the country, villages around Krusevo, Bitola, Resen);
He believes that some monuments should not necessarily be placed in Skopje, and for example the monuments of Tsar Samuil should be mounted on the island Large Town in Lake Prespa or on Resen's square.
Workers came upon the archaeological remains while installing a water pipe to the village of Resen, which called for the emergency excavations to begin.
(3) See CRS Report RL34427, Financial Turmoil: Federal Resen e
Bu olumsuzluklari onlemek icin, invazif kardiyolojinin "mutlaka disipline edilmesi, mueyyidesinin olmasi, kim ne kadar sure egitim aldiktan sonra, resen, kendi basina anjiyo yapar?
43- Los Domingos cuidan los Administradores de las Minas de que la Gentte de su trabajo resen por la mananan temprano la Doctrina y oraciones de nuestra Madre la Yglesia, para que la aprehendan, el que no la sabe, y para que no se olvide el que la huviere aprehendido, porque los Curas no se toman este trabajo en los Pueblos de Donde son, diciendo que no son Yndios.