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RBZReserve Bank of Zimbabwe
RBZRegionaal Bureau Zelfstandigen (Dutch public assistance office)
RBZRiparian Buffer Zone (biodiversity)
RBZRoth, Bookstein and Zaslow LLP (Los Angeles, CA)
RBZReichsbahnzentrale (German)
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Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Quarterly Monetary Policy Statements 2004
Kansai seems to have taken the adverse publicity on the performance of Zimbabwe's economy on its stride and also appear to have ignored queries on why the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has been disposing of even some of its well performing assets.
In addition, the minister of finance implemented a new law to improve accountability at the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.
Where these sources were unavailable, or did not provide relevant information, reliance was placed on articles published in the popular press, and news issuances from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. We maintained a critical position towards the reliability of these sources.
Corporate Governance issues are highly prioritized in line with Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe guidelines and there is avid commitment to the principles of transparency
Consequently, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe's powers grew to include purchase of farm implements and coordination of input, financial, and technical support programs for new farmers.
Imara Group subsidiaries are regulated by: The Bank of Botswana, the FSA in the UK, the FSB, JSE, SAFEX in South Africa, ZSE and Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and the Reserve Bank of Malawi.
Then there was the Mathematics Prize which went to the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe for covering all shopping requirements by printing bank notes ranging from one cent to one hundred trillion dollars ($100,000,000,000,000) which was worth about fourpence at the last time of looking.
"Soldiers on mission in Marange would first get special allowances directly from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and then be offered a 'once- in-a-lifetime' opportunity to benefit directly from diamond smuggling.
However, before the International Monetary Fund, General Motors or any cash-strapped Members of Parliament start beating a path to my door, I had better point out that the three 100 trillion dollar notes in my possession were issued by The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.
The BBC reported on February 23 that even though the country desperately needs food, members of parliament, police, the military, and Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe officials--all loyal to President Mugabe's Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) party--have seized 77 white-owned farms within the last few weeks.
Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor Gideon Gono said: "This Monetary Policy Statement unveils yet another necessary programme of revaluing our local currency, through the removal of 12 zeroes, with immediate effect."
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