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A key feature of the passive core cooling system is the Passive Residual Heat Removal Heat Exchanger (PRHR HX) that provides decay heat removal for postulated LOCA and non-LOCA events.
* Natural circulation, coolant flow residual heat removal, and emergency core cooling systems powered by natural forces--gravity.
23, 2010, at the Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant, Unit 1, with the failure of a low-pressure coolant injection flow control valve, part of the reactor's residual heat removal system.
5 reactor achieved a stable state of ''cold shutdown'' because workers were able to use the residual heat removal system to prevent it from overheating.
-Sufficient level of reactor coolant to ensure safety is maintained.<br /> -At 5:00 am on March 19th, we started the Residual Heat Removal System Pump (C) in order to cool the spent fuel pool.<br /> -At 2:30 pm on March 20th, the reactor achieved reactor cold shutdown.
Once the pumps and the residual heat removal systems are running, it would take only a couple days to bring the reactors to a cold shutdown.
"The Daya Bay nuclear power plant has three sets of back-up feed water pumps to support reactor residual heat removal, with two driven by electricity and the remaining one driven by the steam generated from the secondary cooling system, so in case of loss of electrical power, the steam-driven pump is still available to pump the cooling water for residual heat removal." Xinhua quoted Professor C.F.
The AP1000 reactor's passive systems include passive core cooling system (PXS), in-containment refueling water storage tank (IRWST), passive containment cooling system (PCS), main control room emergency habitability system, high pressure safety injection with core makeup tanks (CMTs), medium pressure safety injection with accumulators, low pressure reactor coolant make from the IRWST, passive residual heat removal (PRHR HX), and automatic depressurization system (ADS) shown in Figure 1 [1, 2].
Within each of the four CMTs is a passive residual heat removal (PRHR) heat exchanger.
after a worker on patrol found seawater leaking from the makeshift plastic hose in the residual heat removal system earlier in the morning, according to the utility known as TEPCO.