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RHRSResidual Heat Removal System
RHRSRockfall Hazard Rating System (US DOT)
RHRSRolling Hills Recording Studios (Maryland)
RHRSRevised Hazard Ranking System
RHRSReactor Heat-Removal System
RHRSRegional Horticultural Research Station (Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India)
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Schultz, "Heat transfer analysis of the passive residual heat removal system in ROSA/AP600 experiments," Nuclear Technology, vol.
Qiu, "Development of the analysis tool for the water cooling type passive residual heat removal system of Chinese pressurized reactor," Progress in Nuclear Energy, vol.
<strong>Unit 6(outage due to regular inspection)</strong><br /> -Sufficient level of reactor coolant to ensure safety is maintained.<br /> -At 10:14 pm on March 19th, we started the Residual Heat Removal System Pump (B) of Unit 6 in order to cool the spent fuel pool.<br /> -At 7:27 pm on March 20th, the reactor achieved reactor cold shutdown.<br /> -In relation to the two seawater side pumps of the Residual Heat Removal System, we switched the power source from temporary to permanent at 3:38 pm and 3:42 pm, Mar 25 respectively.<br /> -At this moment, we do not consider any reactor coolant leakage inside the reactor happened.
[2] NUREG-1269, Loss of Residual Heat Removal System, Diablo Canyon Unit 2, April 10, 1987, U.S.
The points made by the statement include: (1) utmost efforts must be made to both prevent the release of a large amount of radioactive substances and to reactivate the residual heat removal system which internally circulates water to cool reactors and spent fuel storages, (2) spent nuclear fuel must be completely immersed in water, (3) detailed measurement of radioactivity both in the air and the soil in various areas and assessment of their effects must be announced so that area-specific measures can be taken and (4) residents should be fully informed before and after radioactive substances are vented from reactors.
The company is also wiping out radioactive materials remaining in the residual heat removal system. When the wiping operation is completed, employees at the plant will investigate the cause of the rupture, the company said.
Once the pumps and the residual heat removal systems are running, it would take only a couple days to bring the reactors to a cold shutdown.