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RCDRotating Control Device (oil engineering)
RCDReed Construction Data (Norcross, GA)
RCDResource Conservation District
RCDResidual Current Device
RCDRecorded Data
RCDReal Club Deportivo (Royal Sports Club, Spain)
RCDCongolese Rally for Democracy
RCDRassemblement Constitutionnel Démocratique (Democratic Constitutional Rally, Tunisia)
RCDResource Conservation & Development (various organizations)
RCDRural Community Development (various programs)
RCDRadio Cd
RCDRas to Cas Delay
RCDRemote Controlled Device
RCDRead Cache Disable
RCDRabbit Calicivirus Disease
RCDRoyal Canadian Dragoons
RCDResource Center Dallas (Texas)
RCDRegional Cooperation for Development (Pakistan, Iran and Turkey)
RCDRegular Chow Diet
RCDRegional Cooperation for Development
RCDRace Car Dynamics (El Cajon, CA)
RCDRead Configuration Data (computing)
RCDRoot Collar Diameter
RCDReverse Circulation Drilling (mining)
RCDRegional Center Director (various organizations)
RCDRepeat Caesarean Delivery (pregnancy)
RCDReusable Competency Definition
RCDRopes Course Developments (UK)
RCDRod-Cone Dysplasia
RCDRural Clinical Division (Australia)
RCDResearch Computing Division (various organizations)
RCDRoyal City Chapter Demolay (Guelph, Ontario, Canada)
RCDRoot Cause Deconvolution (electronics)
RCDReceiver-Carrier Detector (modem)
RCDRecovery Compact Disc
RCDRapid Conceptual Design (various companies)
RCDReims Champagne Développement (French economic development agency)
RCDRadar Cloud Detection report
RCDReverse Convertible Debenture (finance)
RCDResearch Centers Directory
RCDRecordable Compact Disk
RCDReduced Collateral Damage (military ordnance)
RCDRead Cache Device
RCDRelative Cardiac Dullness
RCDRetinal Cone Dystrophy
RCDRent Commencement Date
RCDResource Content Description
RCDRadar Correlated Display
RCDReactor Components Design
RCDRiverine Coastal Domain
RCDReference Conceptual Design
RCDRiver City Dude (contractor)
RCDSymantec PCanywhere Record Session (file extension)
RCDResearch & Acquisition Communications Division
RCDRomulan Cloaking Device (Star Trek)
RCDRassemblement pour la Culture et la Démocratique (Algeria; Rally for Culture and Democracy)
RCDRéacteur Complètement Déchargé (French: Fully Unloaded Reactor)
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The total leakage current should be taken into consideration when residual current devices are selected.
The residual current device did provide repeated protection from electrocution but this device, while robust, is not failsafe (2,5,7).
They should be used with an RCD (residual current device) to turn off the power if there's a fault and they are also cheapest to run.
ONLY use the suggested type of fuel and oil, where appropriate, and with electrically operated machines use an RCD (residual current device) and never use them in the rain.
WITH power tools such as lawnmowers and hedge trimmers always use an RCD (residual current device) at the supply end, to cut the circuit if the current is suddenly interrupted.
Remember to attach a residual current device (RCD) to your socket, and if you're shocking at DIY electricals, use a professional .
Other advice from RoSPA: Protect yourself from electrocution by |always using a Residual Current Device (RCD) when operating electrically powered garden tools and mowers Avoid injury from sharp garden tools |by keeping them in good repair and safely tidied away after use.
* Be careful not to overload sockets * Corded power tools being used outside or in damp conditions should have a residual current device or power breaker
No residual current device was fitted when lights were installed in the path, the pavement blocks were not bedded down properly which later caused gaps and Nixon also charged for 11 tons of gravel when only five were supplied.
The advice from West Midlands Fire Service is: Don't overload plug sockets Regularly check for worn or frayed wires Unplug appliances when not in use Consider using a Residual Current Device Keep heaters away from curtains and furniture and never use them for drying clothes Unplug your electric blanket when you go to bed unless it has a thermostat for safe all-night use Always use a qualified professional electrician for any electrical work or repairs Get out, stay out and dial 999 - do not attempt to tackle the fire yourself.
Almost a third of people in the region said they were not concerned about electrical safety and close to half of homes do not have adequate RCD (residual current device) protection.
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