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RNSRegistered Nurse Specialist (various locations)
RNSReligion News Service (Washington, DC)
RNSRegulatory News Service (UK stock market)
RNSRothesay Netherwood School (Canada)
RNSReactive Nitrogen Species
RNSRemote Name Server
RNSRemote Network Server
RNSReliable Network Server
RNSRoot Name Server
RNSReporting and Notification Service
RNSRadio Network Subsystem
RNSRegion Name Server
RNSRestarting Name Server
RNSResource Name System
RNSReal Network Solutions
RNSRemote Node Service
RNSRadio Network Server
RNSRadio Navigation System
RNSRinnovamento Nello Spirito (Italian: Renewal in the Spirit)
RNSRibonukleinsäure (German: RNA)
RNSResidue Number System
RNSRigid Needle Shield
RNSRadio Network Subsystem (GPRS)
RNSRepetitive Nerve Stimulation (medical diagnostic test)
RNSRabid Neurosis
RNSRoyal Numismatic Society (UK)
RNSResource Namespace Service (computer networking)
RNSRespiratory Nursing Society
RNSRally for A New Society (Congo political party)
RNSRencontre Nationale Sportive (French: National Sports Meet)
RNSRennes, France - St Jacques (Airport Code)
RNSResearch Needs Statements
RNSRespiratory Nurse Specialist
RNSRuth Newman Shapiro Regional Cancer Center (Atlantic City, NJ)
RNSRemote Network Support (Illinois)
RNSRun Not Scored (skiing)
RNSReceived No Score (Olympics)
RNSRadar Navigation Set
RNSRadar Netting Station
RNSReally Neat Stuff, Inc (Downers Grove, IL)
RNSReference Number Section
RNSRefit Notification Signal
RNSReverse Numbering System (medication packaging)
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Barati, Movaghar and Sabaei (2014) observed that redundant residue number systems (RRNSs) are appropriate for use in real time wireless sensor networks applications, because it enhances real time operations, strong error control capability, energy saving, and security.
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Authors designed the modified correction codes on Residue Number System which allow to reduce the encoding time in five times in comparison with Correction R-code based on Residue Number System and Reed Solomon codes RS (127, 87) at about same code rate.
Authors developed the CPLD encoder/decoder for the modified correction codes based on Residue Number System which provide the correction of single errors (errors in the one block).
It should be noted the modified Residue Number System codes simplify the calculation of the check numbers.
Redundant Residue Number system is specified by moduli set {[m.sub.1], [m.sub.2], [m.sub.3], ..., [m.sub.h], [m.sub.h+1], ..., [m.sub.h+r]} and [m.sub.i] > [m.sub.i-1] for i = 2, 3, ..., h + r.
In the Redundant Residue Number system with h + r modulo, X where [alpha] [less than or equal to] X < [alpha] + M with h + r residue, is represented as ([x.sub.1], [x.sub.2], ..., [x.sub.h], [x.sub.h+1], ..., [x.sub.h+r]) [32-34].
Having studied a variety of literature on the issue of error control in WSNs and the challenges it poses, the proposed scheme has come up with a solution that is based on Redundant Residue Number System (RRNS).
Cotofana (2008) Residue number system operandsto decimalconversion for 3-moduli sets.
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