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REFSResilient File System (Microsoft)
REFSRehabilitation of Economic Facilities (USAID; Afghanistan)
REFSReally Essential Financial Statistics (publication; UK)
REFSInternational Workshop on Requirements Engineering for Services (IEEE)
REFSRing Experienced Fight Specialists (est. 2000)
REFSReal-Time Electronic Flight Data System (air traffic management system)
REFSRegional Extended Family Service (Australia)
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Resilient File System (ReFS) will be enabled by default, providing more resilience against data corruption, and optimization for handling large data volumes and auto-correcting.
Summary of Key Capabilities of TimeSys Linux RTOS - High availability, carrier-grade capabilities like hot-swap, real-time support, resilient file system support - Single-kernel Linux RTOS with priority inversion avoidance mechanisms and high resolution timers - Support on embedded carrier-grade platforms like SBE, Artesyn, Motorola, Kontron, ADI - "Ready to run" delivery reduces engineering startup time - Complete range of development tools to maximize developer productivity
The new OS will include support for ReFS (Resilient File System, the NTFS follow-up MS introduced with Windows Server 2012).