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RLSRestless Leg Syndrome
RLSLa Sierra (Amtrak station code; La Sierra, CA)
RLSReal Life Support (various locations)
RLSRobert Louis Stevenson
RLSRapid Light System (various companies)
RLSRecursive Least Squares (a mathematical algorithm)
RLSRappresentante Dei Lavoratori Per La Sicurezza (Italian: Representative for Job Safety)
RLSResource Locator Service
RLSRecord Level Sharing
RLSRoute Listening Service
RLSRecord Level Subscriber
RLSRecursive Least Means Squares
RLSReplica Location Service
RLSRegistered Land Surveyor
RLSReweighted Least Squares (mathematics)
RLSRecord-Level Sharing (Data Facility Storage Management Subsystem)
RLSResource List Server
RLSResonance Light Scattering (spectroscopy)
RLSRate Limiting Step
RLSReal Life Soap (Wiki)
RLSResidence Life Staff
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RLSRural Library Sustainability (project; Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation)
RLSReceived Line Signal
RLSRoot Lateral Spread
RLSRadiolocation Service
RLSRemote Library Service
RLSReal Life Scenario
RLSRenaissance Lawyer Society
RLSRoad Locomotive Society (UK)
RLSResource Loaded Schedule
RLSRadar Line of Sight
RLSReturn to Launch Site (also seen as RTLS)
RLSRail Load Simulator
RLSResidential Living Supervisor
RLSResidual Life of the System
RLSRoyal Leamington Sparklers (cheerleading group; UK)
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The fluorescence emission spectra and resonance light scattering (RLS) spectra were obtained on a RF-540 spectrofluorophotometer (Shimadzu, Kyoto, Japan).
Resonance light scattering (RLS) spectra of p(DMAEMA79-b-AZOM2) microspheres, BSA, and microspheres-BSA systems were obtained by simultaneously scanning the excitation and emission monochromators (Ai = 0 nm) from 300 to 600 nm.
Various nanotechnologies with potential applications in molecular diagnostics are nanotechnology on a chip (nanoChip[TM], nanoArrays[TM]), Nanoparticle technologies (Gold particles, Nanobarcodes, Quantum dot technology, Nanoparticle probes) and other technologies (Nanowires, Nanopore technology, Cantilever arrays, DNA nanomachines for molecular diagnostics, Nanosensors, Resonance light scattering (RLS) technology).
Therefore the expression "selective scattering" is synonymous with "resonance light scattering." Resonance light scattering has been widely observed in Raman scattering.
The techniques cover quantitative and qualitative aspects in 15 chapters describing microarrays, gels, chromatography, affinity separations, fluorescence and resonance light scattering, surface plasmon resonance, mass spectrometry, and bioinformatics.
Genicon Sciences launched its OneColor Microarray toolkit based on resonance light scattering non-fluorescent technology ...
A signal-generation technology called resonance light scattering (RLS) can be applied to a wide variety of molecular assay formats.
On the other hand, recent reports point out that measurements of resonance light scattering combined with absorbance leads to the determination of extinction coefficients of the fluorophores that form particles through self-assembly over the wavelength range measured in the scattering environment (16, 17).
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