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RPResearch Program
RPRiot Points
RPRzeczpospolita Polska (Republic of Poland)
RPRepublic of the Philippines
RPRapid Prototyping
RPRole Player
RPRepair Parts
RPRelations Publiques (French: Public Relations)
RPResearch Planning (various organizations)
RPReverse Polarity
RPRetinitis Pigmentosa
RPReference Publication
RPRelief Pitcher (baseball)
RPReceived Pronunciation (BBC English)
RPResponse Point
RPRobert Pattinson (actor)
RPReference Point
RPRheinische Post (German newspaper)
RPRhone-Poulenc (French chemical company)
RPRadiation Protection (various organizations)
RPRocky Point
RPReduced Pressure
RPRégion Parisienne (French region containing Paris)
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RPRadical Prostatectomy
RPRoute Planning
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RPResponsible Person
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RPRemote Presence
RPRizal Park (Philippines)
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RPRegistered Psychologist
RPReview Panel
RPRobert Palmer (singer)
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RPRoot Port (Cisco)
RPRadiological Protection
RPReachability Problems (workshop)
RPRelease Point
RPRally Point
RPReform Party
RPRepurchase Agreement (aka REPO)
RPRefah Partisi (Welfare Party of Turkey)
RPRocket Power (Nickelodeon TV show)
RPRochelle Park (New Jersey)
RPRadio Port
RPRefractory Period
RPRocket Propellant
RPRoll Playing
RPResting Potential
RPRinderpest (contagious viral disease of cattle)
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RPRadiation Poisoning
RPRoselle Park (New Jersey)
RPRegis Philbin
RPRespiratory Polygraphy (sleep apnoea)
RPRelative Potency
RPRespond Properly
RPReporting Party
RPReal Points
RPRobinson's Place (Philippines)
RPRadio Paging
RPRust Preventative
RPReference Preparation
RPReception Party
RPRegister Bank Pointer (computer programming)
RPRed Phosphorous
RPRadio Packet
RPRental Period
RPReservoir Pressure (oil industry)
RPReactor Power
RPRegistered Paraplanner (finance)
RPRating Point
RPRocket Projectile
RPReserve Police
RPReply Paid
RPReese's Pieces (candy)
RPRespirable Particulate(s)
RPRépublica Portuguesa (Portuguese Republic)
RPReporting Post
RPRandomized Polynomial (Complexity theory, randomized algorithms)
RPReading Period (Hwa Chong Institution Singapore)
RPRemedial Project
RPRewards Point
RPReverend Father (religious order, Poland)
RPRetrograde Pyelography (radiology)
RPRear-screen Projection
RPRemote Pickup
RPRestoration Priority
RPReconciliatio et Paenitentia
RPRetained Personnel
RPReconnaissance Permit
RPRegistered Practitioner
RPReport Pay
RPRailways Pictorial (magazine; est. 1951)
RPRetained Profit
RPRegistered Parliamentarian
RPReconnaissance Party
RPRaphe Pallidus
RPRegional Processor
RPRemaining Party
RPRecrutement Postsecondaire (French: post secondary recruitment)
RPReadiness Posture
RPRate Pending (Entertainment Software Rating Board game rating)
RPRepetitively Pulsed
RPRequisition Processing
RPRelapsing Progressive (multiple sclerosis)
RPRemington-Peters (ammunition headstamp)
RPRatio Procedure
RPRadon Progeny Integrated Sampling
RPReverendo Padre (Spanish: Reverend Father)
RPRaffles Programme (Singapore)
RPRen Pin
RPRelease Packet (type of control packet)
RPRadial Point
RPRaid Plotter (US Navy)
RPResource Processor
RPRegimental Policeman (British Army)
RPRed Pheonix (online gamming clan)
RPRautaportti.net (Finnish private torrent tracker)
RPRaw Pack
RPRemittance Processor
RPReverendus Pater (Reverend Father)
RPReverendus Pater (Latin: Reverend Father)
RPRepair Preparation
RPRight Traffic Pattern
RPReference Percentile
RPRectangular Planar
RPRevertive Pulsing
RPRenewable Process
RPReturn from Patrol (US Army in radio report)
RPRadar Video Processing module
RP(USN Rating) Religious Program Specialist
RPReparable Processing
RPRótulos Publicidad (Guatemala advertising agency)
RPRecurring Periodical
RPReplenishment Request
RPRegte Party (South Africa)
RPUS Revenue Private Die Canned Fruit (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
RPResisted Progression (PNF technique)
RPResources and Programs Office (NIMA)
RPRegionale Patrouillevaartuig (Dutch)
RPRestoration Preemption
RPRecreational Planning Program (Virginia)
RPRenting out Property
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Air Quality index is stipulated based on the various levels of Respirable Particulate matters in terms of PM 2.5, PM 10, Ozone ([O.sub.3]), Sulphur dioxide (S[O.sub.2]), Oxides of Nitrogen (N[O.sub.x]), Hydrogen Sulphide ([H.sub.2]S) and Lead (Pb), Carbon Mono Oxide (CO) as Good, Moderate, Unhealthy for Sensitive groups, Unhealthy, Very unhealthy and Hazardous.
The hourly concentration of small respirable particulate matter, with a diameter smaller than 10[eth]-g (PM 10), was extremly high in Nicosia, Paphos and Limassol in the morning, with readings of 254[eth]-g/m3 in Nicosia, 325[eth]-g/m3 in Paphos and 255[eth]-g/m3 in Limassol, while they were more moderate, just over 100[eth]-g/m3, in Famagusta and Larnaca.
Summary: The respirable particulate matter has sharply risen with the city having no clear road map to lower its emissions
# 4126, Mini-Vol, USA) was used to measure respirable Particulate Matter of aerodynamic size 10 um (PM10).
Daytime respirable particulate measurements in homes using biomass fuel in China, Kenya, Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, and India show average PM 10 levels of about1,000 mg/m3 but easily reach levels up to 3,000 g/m316.
"Over the past 10 years, employees who were monitored for their exposure to respirable silica (as quartz) and respirable particulate had time weighted average exposures that were determined to be below the laboratory's level of quantification, and thus the corresponding OSHA PEL," he affirms.
The main source of this factor is road dust because both high factor loadings in the PCA results and high composition were found for crustal elements, e.g., Respirable particulate matter (RPM), Al and Fe ([57], [2]).
Many studies have used the level of respirable particulate matter ([PM.sub.2.5]) as the main indicator of exposure to SHS because it has been demonstrated that smoking is one of the main sources of indoor levels of [PM.sub.2.5] (10).
" But the levels of respirable particulate matter went up and stood at 150 micrograms per metre cube in 2008, a 40 per cent increase over the previous decade," it says.