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RVPRobin van Persie (soccer player)
RVPRegional Vice President
RVPReid Vapor Pressure
RVPRijksdienst voor Pensioenen (Dutch: National Office for Pensions; Belgium)
RVPRendez Vous Protocol
RVPRyan Van Poederooyen (Canadian drummer)
RVPRoss Valley Players (Ross, CA)
RVPRight Ventricular Pressure (cardiovascular surgery)
RVPRendezvous Point
RVPRoyal Variety Performance
RVPRespiratory Virus Panel
RVPRiver Valley Project (India)
RVPRemote Voice Protocol
RVPRenal Vein Pressure
RVPResearch Valley Partnership (College Station, TX)
RVPRadar Video Processor
RVPRéseau Virtuel Privé (French: Virtual Private Network; computer networking)
RVPReceipt Versus Payment
RVPRendezvous Vector Protocol
RVPReverse Post
RVPResidual Video Phase
RVPRequirements Verification Plan
RVPRecreational Virtual Pilot
RVPRetail Variance Price
RVPRoss Van Pelt (commercial photographer)
RVPRecovery Value Partnership (Cincinnati, OH)
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For the patient we report, virus in the nasopharyngeal swab sample was identified as a picornavirus by the xTAG Respiratory Virus Panel and by sequence analysis of the viral protein 1 capsid gene (5).
Comparison of the Luminex Respiratory Virus Panel fast assay with in-house real-time PCR for respiratory viral infection diagnosis.
We extracted viral nucleic acids from the swab sample by using an automated extraction system (NucliSens easyMAG; Biomerieux, Craponne, France), and we tested the extract for respiratory viruses by using the Respiratory Virus Panel (Fast assay (Luminex Molecular Diagnostics Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada) in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions (4).
We used the respiratory virus panel kit (Biotrin, Dublin, Ireland) and followed the manufacturer's instructions.
Likelihood that an unsubtypeable Influenza A result in the Luminex xTAG Respiratory Virus Panel is indicative of novel A/H1N1 (swine-like) influenza.
Equally important to the response plan were 2 decisions to alter testing protocols: cultures were screened 1 time rather than 3, and the use of the Luminex xTAG Respiratory Virus Panel assay (Luminex Molecular Diagnostics, Toronto, Ontario, Canada) was prioritized for testing specimens from hospitalized patients.
All WU polyomavirus--positive specimens were screened for 17 additional viruses (influenza A and B; RSV A and B; PIV 1-4; human metapneumovirus; adenovirus subgroups B, C, and E; rhinovirus; and coronaviruses OC43, 229E, and NL63) by using the EraGen MultiCode-PLx respiratory virus panel as described previously (1).
The use of molecular diagnostics and respiratory virus panels has become more common, enabling specific HCoVs to be more easily identified.