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ROHRRestoration of Human Rights
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Henrietta is part of a group of asylum seekers who give their time freely to help at James Cook University Hospital, the North of England Refugee Service and the Restoration of Human Rights group.
GECHR is an association looking after the fundamental human rights of the citizens of Bahrain and works with other Human Rights organisations globally to bring about the restoration of human rights in the Kingdom.
Ms Karota, who is vicechair of the Restoration of Human Rights in Zimbabwe, said: "They have seen me protesting here, at the gates of the Zimbabwean embassy in London."
Its central idea, restoration to a state of right relationship, involves not only a restoration of human rights but also a redress of the wide range of wounds that result from egregious political injustices committed by states and individuals.
Commemorating the Prophet Mohammed's night journey to Jerusalem with a speech in Bethlehem, Abbas declared that although restoration of human rights in Palestine was incomplete, furthering the cause was the only way to create a sustainable future in the region and the world.He added that Palestinians must put all their energies into national reunification, as fragmentation and discord could only serve their enemies.He insisted that working for a just and comprehensive peace would require genuine will, as well as the courage to place the right to live in dignity above all else.
Senator McCain has declared, "You can count on my active advocacy for the rights of the unborn." I know he will be true to his word and do all he can as president to advance "our issue"restoration of human rights to the defenseless unborn children and their vulnerable mothers.
He was famously quoted as having said he did not care if Banda's government killed him because he was determined that his blood would "fuel the engine of democracy and the restoration of human rights in Malawi".
The survival of the U.N., and the restoration of human rights is an
Now White House spokespersons and their right wing media flunkies are telling us that the entire intervention was really aimed at stopping an "ongoing humanitarian crisis" and the "restoration of human rights" to the people of Iraq.
During the two-day meetings with various Iranian officials, the key topics included the situation in Bam after the earthquake, the restoration of human rights in Iran, the preparations for the February election, the sequel to Iran's signing of the NPT Additional Protocol, the hope of seeing this ratified and implemented at an early date, and Iran's role in the peace process in Afghanistan, Iraq, the Middle East India and Pakistan.
"Tony Blair will stand condemned if he does not use the G8 to call for the restoration of human rights and democracy."
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