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R18Restricted 18 (UK Film Rating)
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Director of regulatory services and public protection at Newcastle City Council, Stephen Savage, said: "The premises wish to show restricted 18 films to their clientele.
He was caught in possession for the purpose of supplying 17 restricted 18 DVD films.
"Only a licensed sex shop is allowed to sell restricted 18 category videos, but most of these videos were unclassified and certainly not material which should be on sale in a public market."
And looking at the wrestling schedules come midnight, girls must face being thrown around too because the channel, a sports specialist one, broadcasts Bang Babes - although the restricted 18 rating on the caption makes you wonder what else will be going on.
Adult entertainment company Pabo Ltd were ordered to pay a pounds 2,500 fine for offering to sell restricted 18 videos by post.
Licensed sex shops are allowed to sell pornographic videos films which have been passed by the BBFC and carry a Restricted 18 certificate.
Mr Calvert said the shop would sell restricted 18 videos.
Among the first films to receive the new Restricted 18 classification were Batbabe and Ladies Behaving Badly.