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RDReader's Digest (magazine)
RDRainbow Dash (animation)
RDResidential Development
RDRemote Desktop (computer networking)
RDReceive(d) Data
RDResearch and Development
RDRural Development (USDA)
RDRegional Director
RDRanger District (USDA)
RDRear Derailleur (bicycle equipment)
RDReserve (Officers') Decoration
RDRed Deer (Canada)
RDRoller Derby
RDRed Dragon (movie)
RDRelative Density
RDReal Decreto (Spain: Royal Decree)
RDReception Desk
RDResident Director
RDRadar Detector
RDRepublica Dominicana (Spanish: Dominican Republic)
RDRelationship Disclosure
RDReference Data
RDRoyal Dutch
RDRed Dwarf (games)
RDRequired Date
RDRegistered Dietician
RDRough Draft (writers software)
RDRadio Disney
RDRural Delivery
RDRadiotherapy Dose (oncology)
RDRouting Domain
RDRacial Discrimination
RDRequired Data
RDRevolving Door
RDReference Designator
RDRapid Deployment
RDRubber Duck
RDRetinal Detachment (eye condition)
RDReference Document
RDResidence Director
RDRiverdance (Irish dance show)
RDReservoir Dogs (film)
RDRenal Dialysis
RDRequirements Document
RDRear Defroster
RDRodney Dangerfield (comedian)
RDRemove Directory
RDRemedial Design
RDRecursion Desired (computing)
RDRequirements Development
RDRoute Départementale
RDRotor Diameter
RDRisk Difference (statistical analysis)
RDRegio Decreto (Italian: Royal Decree)
RDRestricted Data
RDRural Dean
RDRoute Distinguisher (MPLS-VPN)
RDRoof Drain
RDRing Down
RDReserve Duty
RDRate Distortion
RDRemaining Distance
RDRestricted Dialing
RDRadarman (USN Rating)
RDReducing Diet (veterinary prescription diet food)
RDRadio Dalmacija (Split, Croatia)
RDRegion Directors
RDRapid Decompression
RDReporting District
RDRadical Dreamers (video game)
RDRig Down (oil drilling)
RDReported Distance (packet design)
RDRett's Disorder
RDRhombic Dodecahedron
RDReactor Development
RDReference Drawing (drafting and design)
RDReadiness Data
RDRighteous Defense (gaming, World of Warcraft)
RDRead Depth
RDReplacement Detachment
RDRight Defence
RDReadiness Date
RDRange Doppler
RDRoute Descriptor
RDRider Diaries (Straphangers message board)
RDRepresentative DeMolay (Order of DeMolay)
RDDiode Resistance
RDRoyal Direct (RBC Royal Bank's online and telephone banking service)
RDRefer to Drawer
RDRecon Drone (Honor Harrington science fiction novels)
RDRecency Distance (computing)
RDDirectional Radio Beacon
RDRandom Defect
RDRevue de Direction (French: Management Review)
RDRecognition Differential
RDData Requirements Document
RDRemovable Discontinuity (mathematics)
RDRadius of Damage
RDRequirements Dictionary
RDRobust Dependent
RDRitual Device (band)
RDReaver Drop (Starcraft video game)
RDRaise Degree
RDRocket Diffusion (French retailer)
RDRestricted Data - Atomic Energy Act of 1954
RDReinforcement Designee
RDReconfiguration Delay
RDRadiocommunications Division
RDReplenishable Demand
RDRoom Air Detritiation
RDUS Revenue Stock Transfer (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
RDRecoverable Distributor
RDReentry Decoy
RDRétribution Différée (French: payment postponed)
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"HRS Restricted Data: Medicare Claims and Summary Data" [accessed on July 10, 2006].
Under the PRDP, pharmaceutical companies may still acquire prescriber-identifiable data for doctors who elect to participate, but they are prohibited from sharing the information with their sales representatives, who will specifically be precluded from obtaining "restricted data" about prescribers who elect to participate in the PDRP.
The first-generation transparency policies of the 1960s and '70s--right-to-know laws, such as the Freedom of Information Act--gave the public access to previously restricted data and documents.
(2005) did not find an association in the complete data set without adjustment for covariates (RR = 1.1), but they did find a positive association in the restricted data set without adjustment for covariates.
Periodic "refresher" courses should be given to all employees who come in contact with restricted data in order to ensure full understanding of the access restrictions and to uncover and report any unauthorized disclosures.
This rule implements section 234B of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, making DOE contractors and their subcontractors subject to civil penalties for violations of DOE rules, regulations, and orders regarding the safeguarding and security of restricted data and other classified information.
Periodic refresher courses should be given to all employees who come in contact with restricted data in order to ensure full understanding of the access restrictions and to uncover and report any unauthorized disclosures.
Two are abbreviations: HC (see above); RD = restricted data (US).
Finally, GenSys/ELN incorporates tools that facilitate organization-wide joint research efforts, and security features that stress restricted data access, secure storage and audit trail generation.
It is important that students are aware of how easily others can pick up restricted data transferred across the network.
Security breaches occurred in the late 1990s, with the case of Wen Ho Lee, a Los Alamos scientist who mishandled classified material, and, in May 2000, with the misplacement of two hard drives containing restricted data.
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