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Studies on certain haematological and biochemical constituents in cows with retained fetal membranes. Indian J.
Cows affected by periparturient disorders such as hypocalcemia, dystocia, and retained fetal membranes are more likely to contract uterine infections than cows that calve normally are.
It generally occurs during the first week to 21 days after calving and is associated with dystocia, retained fetal membranes and calving trauma.
Retained placenta recorded in 13.95 percent of sub-clinically hypocalcemic cows was attributed to reduced muscle tone of uterus in hypocalcemic cows (Curtis et al., 1983) or due to immuno-suppression which was described as a contributing factor to retained fetal membranes (Goff, 2008).
The prognosis was never better than guarded unless treatment is initiated early (Noakes et al., 2009).The present report discusses therapeutic management of puerperal metritis in a primiparous graded Murrah buffalo that retained fetal membranes at the time of calving.
The owner had attempted to remove retained fetal membranes after parturition.
Retained fetal membranes (RFM) usually cause the cow to delay the next pregnancy for 2-6 months (Hanafi et al., 2011).
After buffaloes responded to treatment: dystocia, sex of calf born, livability of calf, and frequency of retained fetal membranes, status of dam (live or dead), post-partum consequences such as metritis were recorded.
Complications observed with conservative method (medicinal treatment and or manual assistance/forced manual extraction were fetal metacarpal/metatarsal fractures and mandible fractures, emphysematous fetus due to failure to relieve, uterine trauma or rupture, uterine prolapse, obturator or sciatic nerve damage, uterine inertia, trauma vaginal tract and external genitalia, retained fetal membranes, septicemia, anorexia or death of mother.
Reproductive efficiency can be improved by optimum fertility by limiting reproductive problems of pre and post parturient disorders whose consequences may result in retained fetal membranes, delayed uterine involution, metritis and repeat breeding.
(2003) conducted three experiments in buffaloes and concluded that no ecbolic herbal preparation or uterine tonic is effective in treating established cases of retained fetal membranes. However, Markendeya et al.
The etiology of uterine eversion could be poor or lack of uterine tone, increased straining caused by pain or discomfort after parturition, weight of retained fetal membranes, conditions that could increase intra-abdominal pressure like tympany and feeding on feed containing excessive estrogen.