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RIPRequiescat In Pace (Latin: May He/She Rest in Peace)
RIPRest in Peace
RIPRouting Information Protocol
RIPResearch in Progress
RIPRest in Paradise
RIPRecovery Is Possible (software)
RIPRock Im Park (rock festival in Germany)
RIPRide in Peace
RIPRest in Pieces
RIPRust in Peace
RIPReceptor-Interacting Protein (cell apoptosis)
RIPRespiratory Inductance Plethysmography (pulmonary ventilation)
RIPRegulation of Investigatory Powers (commerce regulations, UK)
RIPRéseaux d'Initiative Publique (French: Public Initiative Network)
RIPRemove Invasive Plants (Arlington, VA)
RIPReal Imaging Processor
RIPRouting Information Packet
RIPRouter Information Protocol
RIPRemote Image Protocol
RIPRecover Is Possible
RIPRaster Image Processor
RIPRest in Peas
RIPReconnu d'Intérêt Pédagogique (French: Recognized Educational Interest; trademark of Ministry of National Education)
RIPRun In Place (aerobics/exercise)
RIPRibosome-Inactivating Protein
RIPRelief In Place
RIPRock in Peace (song title)
RIPRuimte Innemend Proces (Dutch: Space Engaging Process)
RIPRot in Pieces (band)
RIPReally Inspirational People
RIPRoad Improvement Project (Bangladesh)
RIPRanger Indoctrination Program
RIPRunning Intersection Property (junction trees)
RIPREACH Implementation Project
RIPReally Into Partying
RIPRegular Investment Plan (various locations)
RIPRetirement Income Plan (finance)
RIPRepair In Place
RIPResidential Investment Property
RIPRead in Peace
RIPRiposi in Pace (Italian: Rest in Peace)
RIPReturn If Possible
RIPRefractive Index Profile
RIPRipped in Pieces (band)
RIPRemedies In Place
RIPRehabilitation and Inspection Program (USACE)
RIPRead in Private
RIPReleve d'Identite Postale (French: statement of postal identity)
RIPReduction in Personnel
RIPRetired In Place :-)
RIPResearch Investigation Process (Analysis of Variance Science Education)
RIPReport on Individual Personnel (USAF)
RIPRCRA Implementation Plan
RIPReadiness Improvement Program
RIPReactor Internal Pump (power plant)
RIPReliability Improvement Program
RIPRest In Proportion
RIPReturn Instruction Pointer
RIPRaster Image Processor/Processing
RIPRouting Interchange Protocol
RIPReduction Implementation Panel (US DoD)
RIPRaw in Process Inventory
RIPRaw In-Process
RIPRapid Isothermal Processing
RIPReparable Issue Point
RIPRequest in Process
RIPRapid Install Package (Altiris)
RIPRise If Possible
RIPRégime Interprofessionnel de Prévoyance (French: Interprofessional Retirement Plan)
RIPRegister of Intelligence Publications
RIPRadar Improvement Plan
RIPReceived Isotropic Power
RIPReflex Inhibiting Posture
RIPRecoverable Item Program
RIPRemote Indicator Panel
RIPRolling Injection Planter
RIPRequirements Integration Panel
RIPReconnaissance Information Point
RIPRemaining in Period
RIPRapid Installation Plan/Phase
RIPRegulated Intramembrane Proteolyns
RIPRate Image Processor
RIPRapidly Induced Phosphatase
RIPRepair, Inspect, Paint (railroad)
RIPRough In Point
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Clients working with a Cetera-affiliated financial advisor can use SetIncome to create a retirement income plan with guaranteed fixed annuity and asset management models, which includes American Funds by Capital Group.
A well-crafted retirement income plan can help you avoid running out of money and feel more confident about spending your hard-earned assets.
Industry veterans will remember the days when the standard retirement income plan was a colorful, albeit indecipherable, bar chart or mountain chart.
As a general theme more than half of the respondents (54%) have replied that they would be willing to enlist the services of a financial advisor or replace the one that they are currently working with in case a new advisor would have a better refined retirement income plan.
If you haven't developed a retirement income plan for yourself, what are you waiting for?
While some investors have taken inventory of their retirement income sources and some have even created budgets, the vast majority do not have a formal retirement income plan that will address their spending, inflation and longevity in retirement.
As an industry, we need to educate not only our consumers about the value annuities can bring to a retirement income plan, but also ourselves about the risks and rewards of annuities.
Of particular concern in any retirement income plan is the cost of health care, which is rising far more rapidly than the cost of living.
* Flexible, broad-based product solutions that include income annuities as only one part of the retirement income plan. Serving this market will require much more than a single product-based solution.
Fifty-two percent have worked with a professional adviser to create a retirement income plan, and 25% would like professional financial advice to determine how much money they will need in retirement.
Although each client situation is different, we help develop a plan that includes a sustainable retirement income plan.” Mr.
If you are younger and heading into retirement, you should also ensure that the role of your home - often one of your most significant personal wealth assets - is taken into account as part of a comprehensive retirement income plan."
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