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RTSReal Time Strategy (gaming)
RTSRadio Télévision Suisse (French: Swiss Radio and Television)
RTSRequest To Send
RTSRequest to Speak
RTSRaising the Standards
RTSRussian Trading System (stock exchange)
RTSReformed Theological Seminary (Charlotte, NC)
RTSRoyal Television Society
RTSReal Time Synchronization (computing)
RTSReturn-to-Sample (consumer behavior)
RTSRegulatory Technical Standards (finance; EU)
RTSRadiation Therapy Services (various organizations)
RTSRail Transport Service (various locations)
RTSRegional Transit Service (various locations)
RTSRubinstein-Taybi Syndrome
RTSReady To Send
RTSRadio-Televizija Srbije (Serbian: Radio-Television of Serbia; national Serbian TV station)
RTSReady to Ship (logistics)
RTSReal Time System (Real Time Operating System)
RTSRobotic Total Station (software)
RTSReal Time Save (memory cards)
RTSRemain the Same (band)
RTSReturn to Sender
RTSResistive Touch Screen (computer displays)
RTSReinventing the Steel (Pantera album)
RTSReclaim The Streets (activist group)
RTSRegional Transit System (Gainesville, Florida)
RTSReturn from Subroutine
RTSReliable Transfer Server
RTSRealtek Semiconductor
RTSReal Time Streaming
RTSReference Transcoding Server
RTSReal Time Studio
RTSReal Time Scanning
RTSReal Terraforming Strategy
RTSRiva Tuner Script
RTSReal Time System
RTSReal Time Searching
RTSReal Time Strategy
RTSReal Time Signal
RTSReal Time Spectrogram
RTSReal Time Scheduling
RTSReal Time Software
RTSReal Time Server
RTSReady to Serve (stock ready to serve instant customer demand)
RTSRun Time System
RTSReal-Time Scheduler (software)
RTSReady to Spray
RTSRevised Trauma Score
RTSReturn from Subroutine (6502 processor instruction)
RTSRight Sides Together (stitching)
RTSReliable Transfer Service
RTSReagan Test Site (formerly Kwajalein Missile Range KMR)
RTSReturn To Service
RTSRegional Transport Strategies (UK)
RTSRothmund-Thomson Syndrome
RTSRapid Translation System
RTSRape Trauma Syndrome (psychological trauma)
RTSRegional Training Site
RTSRemote Technical Support
RTSRadio Telephone System
RTSRapid Transit Systems (bus model)
RTSReal Time Service
RTSRegional Transport Study (UK)
RTSRead the Screen
RTSRandom Telegraph Signal
RTSReal Time Scan (ultrasound)
RTSRoom-Temperature Superconductivity
RTSRemote Test System (various companies)
RTSRadiodiffusion Télévision Sénégalaise
RTSRaise the Stakes
RTSRoad Test Simulator (automotive engineering)
RTSRetransmission System
RTSRadiant Time Series
RTSRequest Tracking System
RTSRemote Tracking Station
RTSRaised Toilet Seat (ergonomic)
RTSRaman Thediya Seethai (Indian film)
RTSReliability Test System
RTSReturn To Stock
RTSResidual Time Stamp
RTSRemote Telemetry System (various organizations)
RTSRonald Reagan Ballistic Missile Defense Test Site
RTSResearch Triangle Software
RTSReactive Tabu Search (predictive analysis)
RTSRetrotech Squad (Russia)
RTSRun Time Specialization (computing)
RTSRapid Transit Series (bus model)
RTSReadiness to Serve
RTSRadio Test Set
RTSRegression Test Selection
RTSRemote Takeover System
RTSRauch-Tung-Striebel (fixed interval smoother)
RTSRelative Time Sequence
RTSReal-Time Subsystem
RTSReal-Time Settlement (finance)
RTSReconnaissance Technical Squadron
RTSRapid Targeting System
RTSReserve Travel System
RTSRound Table Session
RTSReal Technical State
RTSReproductive Tract Score
RTSRape Trauma Services (Burlingame, CA)
RTSRadar Test Set
RTSRenal Therapy Services
RTSRing Tip Sleeve (digital sound industry)
RTSRadar Tracking Station
RTSRadio Television Society
RTSRegional Trail System (King County Parks and Recreation, Washington)
RTSRead to Send
RTSReturn to Station
RTSReturn to Seat (aircraft)
RTSRequirements Tracking System
RTSRepairable This Station
RTSRevised Technical Specification
RTSRadius Trigger Scripting
RTSReliable Tax Service (Selma, CA)
RTSRemote Terminal Subsystem
RTSRid Tracking System
RTSResearch and Training Station (La Carlota City, Philippines)
RTSRaise, Train and Sustain (Australian Navy)
RTSRepaired This Station
RTSRemote Terminal Site
RTSRuntime Services Interface
RTSRecruitment and Training System
RTSRemoval Tracking System
RTSRemote Telepresence Surgery
RTSRenaissance Text Series (Renaissance Society of America)
RTSRéseaux Télécoms Services (French: Network Telecom Services)
RTSRegnault Terrassement Services (French excavation company)
RTSResistive Tapered Stripline
RTSReadiness Training Squadron
RTSRecommended Technical Solution
RTSRemote Trunking System(s)
RTSRetail Technology Solutions, Inc (Lakeville, MN)
RTSRemote Transmit Switch
RTSRemote Tracking Site
RTSRipon Taxi Service (Wisconsin)
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Has won the McGinnis-Ritchie Award for nonfiction, for her essay "Return to Sender" (Volume 96, number 2)
The latest package - believed to be a parcel bomb - was found at the National Return Letter Centre in Belfast, where post which has not been delivered and has no return to sender address is retained by Royal Mail.
The latest package - believed to be a parcel bomb - was found at the National Return Letter Centre in Belfast, where mail which has not been delivered and has no return to sender address is retained by Royal Mail.
They were Rock-A-Hula Baby/Can't Help Falling in Love, Good Luck Charm, She's Not You and Return To Sender. 8.
1 singles from this week, with Jade Wright 1963 Elvis Presley - Return to Sender THIS week would have seen the king's 75th birthday, and he remains as popular as ever.
James and wife Jean, 70, even sent a copy of the order but it was a case of return to sender as De Agostini could not trace it.
RETURN TO SENDER US military suppliers admitted they accidentally sent four triggers for nuclear missiles to Taiwan in 2006.
The runners up are A NO-CLAIM BONUS from Mr G S Smart of Castle Bromwich and RETURN TO SENDER from Mrs M J Jukes of Wolverhampton.
"It gives new meaning to 'Return to Sender,' " jokes the Israeli-born Juilliard graduate now teaching at University of Florida, Gainesville.
WHO THREW THAT: Nev screams at fans; RETURN TO SENDER: He fires it back; OUT YOU GO: Officials eject a fan
Granted, in June, the federal government conducted "Operation Return to Sender," a nationwide sweep that netted 2,100 illegals (.018 percent of them, assuming 12 million total), including 367 gang bangers nationwide and three-dozen child molesters roaming free in Orange County, California.
In Greece, after the American invasion of Iraq, demonstrators wrapped brown paper around the statue of Harry Truman (who is credited with saving Greece from Communism), and marked the package "Return to Sender." We have fallen even lower in the world's estimation since then.