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The company raised the price of its energy drink by P2 per 240 ml returnable glass bottle to pass on the tax on sugary drinks, as volume declined.
It said the investment will replace AG Barr's current glass line, which is almost 20 years old, with faster, more efficient, glass-filling capability, and will see the "energy-hungry" returnable glass bottle washing equipment decommissioned.
Pakola will re-launch its single serve returnable glass bottle at the Karachi Eat 2015 food festival at Frere Hall today.
The company also raised the prices of Cobra by P2 per 240ml returnable glass bottle to pass on the tax on sugary drinks.
has announced an increase in the recommended retail price of its clear beer alcoholic beverages by 16% on its Returnable Glass Bottle (RGB) pack, excluding sorghum-based Eagle Lager, taking effect January 1st 2014.
"Except he is doing it with a returnable glass bottle instead of the Martini bottles."
Vitamilk comes in 300ml bottles, 250ml tetra packs, 1 liter tetra packs, and 200ml returnable glass bottles. For more information on where to catch the caravan next, check out their Facebook page at a.
As a result, PCPPI has taken great strides in manufacturing highly sustainable and recyclable packaging; 71% of its packaging are returnable glass bottles, 1% is metal that goes into canned drinks, and 20% goes into special packaging for premixed beverages for commercial partners.
There are of course, legitimate green concerns such as the shameful and continuing decimation of rain forests and the continuing production of plastic articles and, in particular plastic bottles and bags for both of which perfectly good and sustainable alternatives exist; namely returnable glass bottles and paper bags.
For instance, in a bid to enhance the environment for business and sustainability, the company introduced PET bottles, as against the returnable glass bottles (RGB), that were in use then.
Returnable glass bottles are still by far the dominant package format for beer in Germany.
It is maybe less well known internationally that a lot of German beer comes in returnable glass bottles. This means the beer labels must be wash-off, and the inks and adhesives must be as pure and environmentally friendly as the beer.