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RCKRockford (Amtrak station code; Rockford, IL)
RCKRadio Check
RCKReturned Check
RCKRegulator of Conductance of K+ (also seen as RCK1)
RCKRoazhon Celtic Kop (French soccer club)
RCKRemote Control Kit
RCKRamsey-Cass-Koopmans (economic model)
RCKRoyal Charoen Krung Tower (now State Tower; skyscraper; Bangkok, Thailand)
RCKRifle Cleaning Kit
RCKRadio Club Kennemerland (Dutch radio club)
RCKRugby Club de Kourou (French rugby club)
RCKRoller City Knights (French roller skating club)
RCKReverse Crescent Kick (karate)
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Nearly half of payday customers said that payday loans were more expensive than returned check fees (Table 3).
(35) Thus, the number of returned checks processed through the check collection system declined faster than the total number of checks presented.
If a converted check transaction is returned unpaid, it is processed as an ACH return, not as a returned check. Under current NACHA rules, only consumer checks are now eligible for conversion.
And Humberside police returned check forms marked ``no trace'' even though their officers had investigated Huntley on several occasions.
What you don't want to do is to delete the returned check from the original deposit.
The banking industry claims that bounce protection a) eliminates the aggravation and embarrassment of a returned check by a retailer; b) saves the cost of additional charges from some retailers for returned checks; and c) adds convenience and flexibility in managing funds.
Created to meet the needs of the apartment industry, RenterData offers a fast, cost-effective and federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)-compliant way of accessing crucial point-of-lease information regarding potential renters including credit profiles, returned check histories, past evictions and criminal backgrounds.
A death or marriage may also result in a returned check. Executors should explore whether a refund check might be involved.
The student account holder usually has little information about the "friend" and ends up being liable for the returned check. Nevertheless, student customers usually have few assets and recovery is a long process.
"With a Merchant Card Services account, your association will spend less time handling cash and checks, collecting receivables, and dealing with returned check problems," says Chet Merritt, vice president, ASAE Services Corp.
Returned check transactions processed during Q1 were up 6% as compared to 4Q17.
"At a previous employer, we had a retail returned check on a customer at holiday time," said one credit professional.