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RARRock Am Ring (German music festival)
RARReading and Research
RARRetinoic Acid Receptor
RARRoyal Australian Regiment
RARResource Adapter Archive (J2EE)
RARRisk-Adjusted Return (investing)
RARRoute Addition Resistance
RARRapid Access Recording
RARRss Archive Retrieval
RARRotate Right Arithmetic
RARReturn Address Register
RARResource Adapter Archive
RARRescue and Recovery
RARRéseaux Ambition Réussite (French: Ambition Success Network)
RARRuns above Replacement (baseball metric)
RARRisk Assessment Report
RARReverse Aerial Rush (gaming)
RARRhodesian African Rifles
RARRegistrul Auto Roman (Romanian Automobile Registry)
RARRoshal Archive (WinRAR compressed file format; file extension)
RARResource Adequacy Requirement (electricity)
RARRecommandé Avec Accusé de Reception (French: With Acknowledgment of Reception)
RARReal Aperture Radar
RARReasonably Assured Resources
RARRear Axle Ratio (vehicle drivetrain)
RARRevenue Agent Report (US IRS)
RARRemedial Action Report
RARRarotonga, Cook Islands - Rarotonga (Airport Code)
RARRapid Action Revision (US Army)
RARRiparian Areas Regulation (Canada)
RARRapidly Adapting Receptors
RARRoad Accident Rescue
RARRegulatory Asset Ratio (finance)
RARResource Allocation Request
RARRemote Access Router (DSL Modem/ router)
RARReturn Address Repository
RARRecorded Accomplishment Rate
RARRefill Authorization Request
RARRelease After Reception (token ring, IEEE 802.5)
RARRunway Acceptance Rate
RARRefund-Anticipated Return
RARReliability Assessment Report
RARRevise As Required
RARRun At Risk
RARReport of Actual Reimbursements
RARRebolar A Rir (Portuguese: lauging out loud)
RARReasonable Assurance Report (Florida Department of Environmental Protection)
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They may proceed to assess tax on the partnership based on the federal adjustments and consistent with the federal reporting and elections made by the partnership and its partners, similar to corporate reporting of a Revenue Agent Report (RAR).
For this example, the IRM states, "The consideration of the 2007 issue is not an audit of 2007 and a 2007 revenue agent report (RAR) is not required.
For this example, the IRM states that "[t]he consideration of the 2007 issue is not an audit of 2007 and a 2007 revenue agent report (RAR) is not required .
Unsurprisingly, she said 61 percent of audit revenue raised came from corporations, 17 percent came revenue agent report audits and only 2 percent came from head of household audits.
The new procedure would eliminate the Revenue Agent Report (RAR) by combining it with the 30-day letter.
To complete a case assignment, students receive a Revenue Agent Report (30-day letter), a copy of an examiner s report, IRS Pub.
3) Once a penalty (regardless of whether the transaction was disclosed) has been included in the Revenue Agent Report, the penalty cannot be compromised for purposes of a settlement without the approval of the Commissioner personally or the head of the Office of Tax Shelter Analysis.
If you can resolve things before they are in the Revenue Agent Report (RAR), you're a lot better off.
This is the second phase of LMSB's productivity improvement effort, involving possible changes not only to the use of information document requests, but also to notices of proposed adjustments, revenue agent reports, and 30-day letters.
The taxpayer prepares the interest netting computations primarily using information obtained from IRS documents, such as transcripts, Revenue Agent Reports, Appeals documents, court documents, and Forms 2285.