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RPTRepeat (logging abbreviation)
RPTCrystal Report (Crystal Decisions Crystal Reports file extension)
RPTReal Property Tax
RPTRegal Petroleum PLC (UK; stock symbol)
RPTRegistered Phlebotomy Technician
RPTRegular Part Time
RPTRegistered Physical Therapist
RPTRassemblement du Peuple Togolais (French: Rally of the Togolese People)
RPTRational Performance Tester (IBM)
RPTRelated Party Transaction
RPTReference Point Therapy (personal development)
RPTRupture de Pont Thermique (French: Thermal Break)
RPTResource Planning Tool (software)
RPTReasonable Period of Time
RPTReverse Pyramid Training (weightlifting)
RPTRegistered Piano Technician (Piano Technicians Guild)
RPTRegular Public Transport
RPTRobotic Production Technology
RPTRas Precharge Time
RPTRouteable Protocol
RPTReport File
RPTRebuild Partition Table
RPTRapid Prototyping Technology
RPTReedsport (Amtrak station code; Reedsport, OR)
RPTRapid Phase Transition
RPTRegistered Play Therapist
RPTReappointment, Promotion and Tenure (university committee)
RPTRabbit Pyrogen Test
RPTRapid Penetration Test
RPTRise Per Tooth (metalworking)
RPTRoot Path Tree
RPTRadiant Panel Test
RPTRegistered Professional Teacher
RPTRegional Power Trade
RPTResilient Packet Transport (data communication technology)
RPTReal Photo Technology (Fiji)
RPTRécepteur Prise et Interface Télécommande (French: Receiver and Remote Socket Interface)
RPTRadiation Protection Technician
RPTRun Poker Tour (France)
RPTRelocatable Power Taps
RPTRecirculation Pump Trip
RPTRegistered Professional Technologist
RPTRepeat / I Repeat
RPTReturn Path Transmitter
RPTRaw Processing Time
RPTRevenue Per Transaction
RPTResident Provisioning Team
RPTRegistered Professional Trainer (Canada)
RPTRemedial Physical Training (US military)
RPTReactor Production of Tritium
RPTRequirements Planning Tool
RPTResource Protection Team
RPTRequirements Planning Team
RPTRefractory Period of Transmission
RPTRecirculation Point Tracking
RPTRealty Photo Tours (Canada)
RPTResponse Posture Tailored
RPTRepair Parts Transporter
RPTRemote Pressure Transmitter (Siemens AG)
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The company's revenue per transaction day, an indicator of pricing, increased 2 percent in the United States and 2.9 percent overseas during the quarter ended September 30.
Exempt banks' interchange fee revenue per transaction has decreased only slightly--far less than the decline seen by regulated banks--registering an average decrease per transaction of 2 cents from 45 cents to 43 cents (Table 1).
Aquila added that the acquisition gives the firm additional opportunities to create value for its customers and boost revenue per transaction for Solera operating entities outside of North America.
This strategy was found to bring about a higher rate of customer conversion, transactions per customer and revenue per transaction.
Monthly averages for 23 profitable e-tailers, Q1 2001 Niche Middle Dominant Thousands of unique visitors 17.2 218.6 758.9 Visitor marketing costs, 4.8 1.3 0.2 $ per visitors Customer conversion, percent 13.2 5.2 8.4 Customer maintenance costs, 27.3 18.2 25.0 $ per customer Number of transactions per 1.4 1.1 1.2 customer Revenue per transaction, $ 118.2 75.0 79.2 Note: Table made from bar graph (1.) About 18 percent of the e-tailers in our sample pursue a niche strategy, and 41 percent of them are profitable.
Goings' branch was within Shearson's top rank for revenue per transaction. Goings was so encouraged that he bought the branch from the firm, renamed it First Harlem Securities Inc.
Time and Mileage Revenue Per Transaction Day ('Time and Mileage pricing' or 'T&M Rate')