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RDNHReverse Domain Name Hijacking
RDNHRicco Deruta Napkin Holder
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The Internet Corporation <http://www.domaindisputes.co.za/downloads/decisions/ZAAP2007-0005.pdf> appealed against all the initial adjudicator's findings and especially against the finding of reverse domain name hijacking. The appeals panel noted that it had some difficulty in understanding the precise aim and scope of this concept (and hence the nature and scope of the onus that a party seeking to invoke it is required to discharge).
The Appeals Panel's ruling on reverse domain name hijacking is completely out of step with foreign decisions.
Future Media Architects Inc) a complete lack of evidence that the disputed domain name, a generic term, was registered or was being used for reasons related in any way to complainant or its mark, led to a finding of reverse domain name hijacking.
The proper function and purpose of reverse domain name hijacking must still find a foothold amongst the .za adjudicators.
If there is ever to be an end to cybersquatting, reverse domain name hijacking, and the disputes between legitimate trademark holders, there must be a concrete body of law developed to deal with these issues on a global basis.
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