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Start with the aforementioned pensions for Revolutionary War veterans. The program started small.
The ( Oxford English Dictionary cites examples of the "lobbyists" that appeared as early as 1640, when British citizens would speak to their members of the House of Commons in "lobbies." In 1792, Virginia Revolutionary War veterans ( hired William Hull to lobby congress for more pay. By the 1820s the term "lobbying" became a synonym for exerting political influence in the U.S.
To begin with, the earliest generations of the Kuykendall family are my ancestors, but I add that descent through female line took me to other surnames so I have no Rebel Revolutionary War veterans by that name.
He believed in the words of the Declaration of Independence that spoke of liberty, equality, and freedom of speech for all people, rich and poor, but also believed that, by the time the "founding fathers" wrote the Constitution, they had become wealthy power brokers threatened by people's revolts like Shays' Rebellion, which was led by revolutionary war veterans. This, for Zinn, marked the beginning of the loss of freedoms in the US.
John Stark included the phrase in a letter to fellow Revolutionary War veterans who had invited him to a reunion in 1809 -- 130 years after New Hampshire became a separate British colony.
Over the past four years, as regular readers of this space will be aware, a group that goes by the delightfully seditious name of "Revolutionary War Veterans Association" has spread across the country with a simple but ambitious goal: To turn the United States once again into a nation of riflemen.
Named after Johnny Appleseed, and conducted by the nonprofit Revolutionary War Veterans Association (cool name, eh?), their crew of volunteers, like their legendary namesake, "travel[s] America planting the seeds of basic rifle marksmanship, so that future generations will benefit."
(102.) John Resch, Suffering Soldiers: Revolutionary War Veterans, Moral Sentiment and Political Culture in the Early Republic (Amherst: University of Massachusetts Press, 1999), p.
What began in 1783 as a society to honor Revolutionary War veterans and secure benefits for them for them was soon attacked, by no less a figure than John Adams, as an elitist, subversive group seeking to undermine the fledgling nation.
Revolutionary War veterans swelled the population of the Schroon River Valley, and the land that would later hold Scaroon Manor was first a farm.
As George Washington made his way to New York City's Federal Hall to be sworn in as our nation's first president April 30,1789, Revolutionary War veterans marched by his side.
From failure to deliver on promised land grants to Revolutionary War veterans to turning its guns on the bonus marchers after World War I, the government has a dismal record.
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