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I didn't want to be that kind of parent after my kid was born," Reyes said.
Cristo Reyes | | The Tenerife ace looked along way from causing another upset as Painter moved 3-1 up in sets, but Reyes showed his nerve by winning the next two sets 3-2, before dominating the deciding set with three successive legs to earn a shock win and a third round clash with Gary Anderson.
We re thrilled to be one of the newest members of the Coca-Cola family, said Christopher Reyes, Founder and Co-Chairman of Reyes Holdings.
The deal, will make the Chicago-based Reyes a 130 million case distributor, is expected to close in January.
Mrs Reyes appeared in court in the Puerto Plata area of the island on October 3 for a Habeas Corpus hearing.
A return to Reyes, a founding figure of Latin Americanism, after the critical paradigms of the past three decades is a way to bring back the unexplored critical potentials of a tradition unreadable by the theories that have defined Latin Americanism in the past thirty years.
Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to bring the Reyes' son back; no amount of money can ever heal the wounds the Reyes family endured through the loss of their son Antonio," said Osborn.
Reyes, however, was quick to get back to work and immediately left El Paso for Washington to be present while President Obama signs into law a bill Reyes introduced in March that aims to help federal law enforcement eradicate illegal underground tunnels on the U.
It is difficult, then, to imagine a scenario where the Mets refuse to trade Reyes but lack confidence that he will stay in Queens.
But it s still baseball," Reyes told the team s website (newyork.
Reyes, a retired four-star general, was given a 19-gun salute traditionally accorded to departed defence and military chiefs as his remains arrived at the cemetery.