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RANSRussian Academy of Natural Sciences
RANSReynolds Average Navier-Stokes (equation; computational fluid dynamics)
RANSRange Squadron
RANSRapid Alert Notification System (McLeod Software)
RANSRecent Advances in Nutritional Sciences (Journal of Nutrition)
RANSRapid Anthropometric Nutritional Survey
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Nomenclature VAWT Vertical axis wind turbine CFD Computational fluid dynamics; URANS Unsteady Reynolds Average Navier-Stokes; [lambda] Tip speed ratio; R Wind turbine radius; c Blade's chord; [V.sub.inf] Upstream velocity; N Number of blades; [sigma] Solidity; SST Shear stress transport; k Turbulence kinetic energy; [omega] Specific dissipation rate; [gamma] Intermittent; [??][e.sub.[theta]] Momentum thickness Reynolds number; BC Boundary condition DOI: 10.2507/26th.daaam.proceedings.137
The present work is the first implementation of the numerical 2D RANS approach (Reynolds Average Navier-Stokes equations) for running the turbulent particulate flow in conditions of a real CFB furnace with the initial data obtained at combusting Estonian oil shale.