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REZZORegister of Emissions and Air Pollution Sources
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The recalled vehicles have potentially damaging oil leaks, a situation brought to light in a petition filed with South Korea's Ministry of Construction and Transportation last June by some 80 Rezzo owners.
S'al principio risponde il fine e 'l mezzo del quartodecimo anno ch'io sospiro, piu non mi po scampar l'aura ne 'l rezzo, si crescer sento 'l mio ardente desiro.
Greens leader Rezzo Schlauch, who forms Schroeder's coalition, said the Iraq issue fuelled votes for him.
Federal Greens' parliamentarian, Rezzo Schlauch, argues that his party has been the great innovator in modern German politics.
Contract award notice: update single data repository rezzo hl.
For the purposes of the pilot project: Agents of resources "Updating and digitalization of the emission Rezzo I to IV in order to determine the share of each source to the air pollution situation in the Region" will be for the purpose of identification and quantification of the emission of airborne dust in the Region taken as a single supply of equipment for sampling and measurements of fine particulate matter in the air in order to determine the most qualified characteristics of airborne dust fraction by electron microscopy to determine the shape and chemical composition, to define the phase composition of the dust trapped share using electron diffraction - equipment for X-ray microdiffraction.