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RFRAReligious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993
RFRARegional Flood Risk Assessment (UK)
RFRARequest for Response Action (Minnesota Pollution Control Agency)
RFRAReef Fish Restoration Association (Florida)
RFRARhine Franconian (linguistics)
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In Central Franconian, there is a distinctive opposition between a falling tone 1 and a stretched tone 2 that seems to be reversed in a strip of land along the southeastern border, which is formed by the "thick bundle of isoglosses separating Central Franconian from Rhine Franconian, the most characteristic one being the isogloss between the pronoun dat 'that' to the northwest and das to the southeast" (de Vaan 1999: 41).
As a result, we expect a falling tone near the Rhine Franconian area, where the glottal stop was oralized and lengthened the following fricative (as in High German essen), but a stretched tone in the northwest, where the rise of the pitch before the short interruption of the air flow prevented the pitch from falling below the level it would reach without the glottal closure (as in English eating).