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RHOAReal Housewives of Atlanta (TV show)
RHOARegina Hockey Officials Association (Canada)
RHOARental Housing Owners Association (Hayward, CA)
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James Rhoa continued, Since we started working with CommAgility in 2014, we have also relied on its LTE expertise to adapt the products to our special requirements, making CommAgility truly a one-stop-shop experience.
161) Pragmin associates with Rnd2 and thereby stimulates RhoA to induce cell contraction, which then inhibits neurite outgrowth by nerve growth factor.
A recurrent inactivating mutation in RHOA GTPase in angioimmunoblastic T cell lymphoma.
Activated myosin II in the contractile ring serves as an indicator of active RhoA (Jordan and Canman, 2012), suggesting that the RhoA-based furrowing induction system was being stimulated in activated eggs.
Mechanical strain and hypoxia are known to activate the RhoA/ROCK pathway in many studies (23,24) and our MSC-treated animals exhibited significantly lower RhoA mRNA expression after 14 days of pBOO.
Contrario a RhoA y RhoC, RhoB es regulado negativamente en tumores humanos y su expresion se correlaciona inversamente con la agresividad del tumor [67].
Caption: FIGURE 2: Inhibitory effect of MLB on RhoA translocation (a) and ROCK II expression (b) in the BAs.
The team was able to shed light on this mechanism at the atomic level through the X-ray analysis of Afp18-modified RhoA crystals.
Kandi and Todd don't know whether they are going to have a boy or girl, but have announced their happy news, with the mum-to-be sharing with her RHOA co-stars, who are all so excited for her.
Nitric oxide-induced inhibition of smooth muscle cell proliferation involves S-nitrosation and inactivation of RhoA.
Michael Armstrong Professor of Medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, said that high levels of RhoA and ROCK1 were known to worsen outcomes for breast cancer patients by endowing cancer cells with the ability to move, but the trigger for their production was a mystery.
KMUP-1 inhibits pulmonary artery proliferation by targeting serotonin receptors/transporter and NO synthase, inactivating RhoA and suppressing AKT/ERK phosphorylation.