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RISCReduced Instruction Set Computer
RISCReduced Instruction Set Computing
RISCResearch Institute for Symbolic Computation (Linz, Austria)
RISCRNA Induced Silencing Complex (ribonucleoprotein complex involved in mRNA degradation)
RISCRetail Installment Sales Contract
RISCReduced Instruction Set Code
RISCRegional Interagency Steering Committee (FEMA/Federal Response Plan)
RISCRegulatory Information Service Center (OMB)
RISCRhode Island Supreme Court (judiciary)
RISCRisk Information Support Center
RISCResponsible Internet Service Companies
RISCRisk Information Sharing Consortium (National League of Cities)
RISCRadiology Information System Consortium
RISCResearch Group on Instability in Coronary Artery Disease
RISCRegional Intelligence Support Center
RISCReduced Instruction Set Class
RISCRisk Institute for the Support of Communication
RISCRepository for Individuals of Special Concern (US FBI)
RISCRural Industries Service Centre (India)
RISCRunway Incursion Severity Classification (ICAO)
RISCRestraint Information System Collection (Pennsylvania Department of Education)
RISCRaffles Institution Science Club (Raffles Institution; Singapore)
RISCRhode Island Striper Club
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An employee who collected workers' compensation benefits after being injured by a co-worker's practical joke could not also bring a tort suit against the co-worker, the Rhode Island Supreme Court has decided.
In a case in Rhode Island Supreme Court, a fabric company refused to hire a paid intern after she tested positive for marijuana, after she disclosed she had a medical marijuana card.
Williams, former Chief Justice of the Rhode Island Supreme Court is author of "Judging Lincoln" and "Lincoln as Hero."
On January 29, 2018, the respondent was disbarred on consent by the Rhode Island Supreme Court. The respondent had acknowledged in an affidavit that he was the subject of a disciplinary investigation in Rhode Island involving the misuse of his client's escrow account, that he had violated the Rules of Professional Conduct in Rhode Island, and that he could not successfully defend himself against charges predicated upon the misconduct under investigation.<br />On March 7, 2018, bar counsel filed with the Supreme Judicial Court a petition for reciprocal discipline.
Legislative immunity "confers a privilege on legislators from inquiry into their legislative acts or into the motivation for actual performance of legislative acts that are clearly part of the legislative process," as the Rhode Island Supreme Court put it in Irons v.
A similar victory conies from the Rhode Island Supreme Court. Rhode Island's concealed weapon license law has long been discretionary.
So far, there has been no word about Oppenheimer filing an appeal with the Rhode Island Supreme Court. "We've heard nothing at this point about an appeal," Timothy Mungovan, an attorney with Proskauer, told InsideCounsel last week.
The Rhode Island Supreme Court revisited this issue in its recent decision, Nunez v.
Peloquin appealed to the Rhode Island Supreme Court. (15) The Rhode Island Supreme Court vacated the Superior Court's ruling holding the SIR Endorsement invalid because the director of DBR (hereinafter "the director") had not yet allowed for medical facilities and professionals to self-insure.
Lawyers filed papers in Rhode Island Supreme Court July 17 on behalf of Mary Lou Dauray, whose aunt, Gabrielle Mee, gave most of her money to the order at her death in 2008.
(57) While the case is still being appealed, the trial court's well-reasoned analysis of state and federal case law suggests that the Rhode Island Supreme Court will likely uphold the ruling.
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