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His books are in the US Library of Congress in Washington DC, USA; and in the Rhodes House Library in Rhodes House at Oxford University, U.K.
CatlingAAEs files have been released to this writer by the chief Archivist of the Rhodes House Library of the Bodleian Libraries at Oxford University.
Catling's files have been released to this writer by the chief Archivist of the Rhodes House Library of the Bodleian Libraries at Oxford University.
The main manuscript sources for McDougall's life and mission may be found in Rhodes House Library (an offshoot of the Bodleian Library) at Oxford under the labels CLR72, CLR73, and CLS54 (USPG letters).
Through a piece of sheer serendipity, I discovered when I was working on the Brooke/Sarawak archives at Rhodes House Library that it had just acquired a substantial collection of letters written by Sarawak's first Anglican bishop, F.T.
Hanson-Smith, "Notes on the Sokoto-Fulbe" (1955), available at the Rhodes House Library in Oxford (no.
When he was eventually able to examine these, kept in Rhodes House Library, Oxford, he saw the conclusion of his detective work confirmed at a glance.
Kimba Idrissa considers peasant revolts in Western Niger; Ken Swindell's interesting use of the Scarborough Papers in Rhodes House Library in his account of the commercial development of the North suggests that there is a lot 'more mileage here; and Ann O'Hear's focus on the peasant farmers and slaves in Ilorin seems to stretch the concept of the Caliphate, although it is deeply researched - with 137 footnotes for 18 pages.
New York, or the ones concerned especially with the tobacco and fur trades at the University of Victoria, British Columbia, the Public Archives of Canada, Ottawa, and Rhodes House Library, University of Oxford (Jan Kupp, "Dutch Notarial Acts Relating to the Tobacco Trade of Virginia, 1608-1653," William and Mary Quarterly, 3d ser., 30 [October 1973]).
Emp., supplemented by Manuscript Collections in Rhodes House Library's typescript listing of uncatalogued items.
Oldham, for example, organizing secretary of the Edinburgh World Missionary Conference of 1910 and editor of the International Review of Missions for many years, are to be found in the Library of New College, Edinburgh; at Rhodes House Library, Oxford; and in the Library of the School of Oriental and African Studies, London.
Baxter (transcripts Rhodes House Library, Oxford); and, for an abridged version, Selections from the Correspondence of J.