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RFTRich Text Format (file format)
RFTRequest for Tender
RFTRun Flat Tire (automotive)
RFTRelational Frame Theory (psychology)
RFTRational Functional Tester (Internet testing tool)
RFTRequest for Training
RFTReady For Training
RFTRight First Time
RFTRegular Full Time
RFTRequest for Technology
RFTRenal Function Test (laboratory physiology test)
RFTRun Flat Tire
RFTRich Field Telescope
RFTRepeat Formation Tester (oil industry)
RFTRight Front Tire
RFTRefrigerator-Freezer Thermometer
RFTRefresher Training
RFTReason for Transfer (schools)
RFTRevisable Form Text
RFTRespirator Fit Test
RFTRespiratory Function Test
RFTRunning Foot (linear measurement)
RFTRat für Forschung und Technologieentwicklung (German: Austrian Council for Research and Technology Development)
RFTReady For Tests
RFTRunway Friction Tester (aviation)
RFTRecycle Florida Today (Tallahassee, FL)
RFTReady for Tasking (Boeing FIRST award fee criteria)
RFTRecursive Function Theory (computational mathematics)
RFTReleased From Training
RFTRequest For Thinking
RFTRemote Fob Trigger (detonator)
RFTRadio Frequency Tag
RFTRate-Based Fragmenting Thresholding
RFTResonant Frequency Tool
RFTRetrievable Formation Tester (petroleum industry)
RFTRoyalton Federation of Teachers
RFTReversals Frequency Test (evaluation of reading dysfunction)
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To do this, your e-mail format needs to be in the rich text format, as described above.
The information can also be presented in Rich Text Format and used within Microsoft Word to produce mail shots.
These activities can be saved in multiple formats, including HTML, Microsoft Word and Rich Text Format (RTF).
Submit your materials as plain text (ASCII) or in rich text format in the body of an e-mail message in addition to your attachment.
The software's other features include export to RTF (rich text format), the ability to copy/paste a test directly into Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect, the ability to link a picture or table to multiple questions, an on-screen visual test, the ability to print in black-and-white or color, and support for foreign characters and symbols.
If you have an older version 4 of Acrobat (the full program), you can purchase third-party plug-ins that will convert Acrobat files (.pdf) into .rtf or "rich text format" files that are usable by just about any word processor.
The Rich Text format is compatible with most word processors; however, if you're not sure of whether your recipient's e-mail system supports attachments, avoid this format.
It plans to export a "tagged PDF" file to a number of different file formats -- RTF (rich text format), HTML, and XML.
Rich text format (RTF) files with live hyperlinks allow users to follow links in their transcripts to the associated full-text documents on the Web.
According to Sophos the flaw can allow viral macros to execute automatically simply by opening Rich Text Format (RTF) documents - something not thought possible until now.
The WordRecovery program fixes documents, including Rich Text Format (RTF) files, created with Microsoft Word 2000, 97, and 95.
By the same token, Word 2000 can save information in HTML, Rich Text Format, text (including DOS or encoded), as well as Word 4.0, 5.0, and 5.1 for Macs, WordPerfect 5.0, 5.1, 5.x for Windows, and Works 4.0 for Windows are also options.