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DickDickcissel (bird species Spiza americana)
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"Nay," quoth Sir Richard, "the stables of this place are not for me, so make way, I prythee." So saying, he pushed forward, and, the gates being opened, he entered the stony courtyard of the Priory, his men behind him.
The wizened face of the man of law was twisted into a wrinkled smile, for in his pouch were fourscore golden angels that the Prior had paid him in fee for the case betwixt him and Sir Richard of the Lea.
"However, when the people arrived," roared Richard, "there was no one in the box, was there?"
The inspector tried to protest, but Richard closed his mouth with an angry order to hold his tongue.
"You know Richard's way; Richard left him no other choice.
I heard papa tell Richard that half his fortune should go to me on my wedding-day.
And Sir Richard snapped his fingers and disappeared from the walls.
"That shall I have without delay, as well as this upstart knight's estates; for King Richard is lately returned, I hear, from the Holy Land."
I felt this to be true; though if I may venture to mention what I thought besides, I thought it much to be regretted that Richard's education had not counteracted those influences or directed his character.
For a little time it seemed as if Sir Richard's daring might succeed.
The young knight sighed, therefore, and held his peace; while Richard, rejoiced at having silenced his counsellor, though his heart acknowledged the justice of the charge he had brought against him, went on in conversation with Robin Hood.
“What, monsieur,” said Richard, who was busily assisting the black in taking off the leaders; “are you there?