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We went because of a perverse impulse to absent ourselves from the United States on Richard Milhous Nixon's second inaugural day; because we happened to be in a state of unaccustomed solvency, which we were eager to dispel as rapidly as possible; because a set of grandparents was fortuitously on hand to keep an eye on our children.
That fall, Richard Milhous Nixon (1913-1994) was elected thirty-seventh president of the United States.
Richard Milhous Nixon assumed the presidency, carrying the burden of the most unpopular war in U.S.
RICHARD Milhous Nixon has quit the American presidency.
The past in question is too big and unruly to be lain at the feet of one man, even the chief Orthogonian himself, Richard Milhous Nixon.
Richard Milhous Nixon: "My rich, loud mini-saxhorn."
On August 6, 1974, President Richard Milhous Nixon, who really did look like every black-hatted baddie booed by the kids at the Saturday matinee, buzzed his secretary, Rose Mary Woods.
Will we ever come to grips with Richard Milhous Nixon? This addition to the highly regarded University Press of Kansas American Presidency Series attempts a balanced synthesis of what remains the most controversial and perplexing administration in U.S.
He read piles of books and watched all manner of videos and films that featured Richard Milhous Nixon.
THE PASSING OF RICHARD MILHOUS Nixon brings a big chill to political junkies who came of age in the '70s.
Richard Milhous Nixon had met his terminal crisis peacefully in the night.