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R-JRidley and Jopling (leprosy research)
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The histopathological diagnosis was made based on the scheme put forth by Ridley and Jopling.
The Clinical diagnosis of the leprosy cases (As provided by Department of Dermatology) using Ridley and Jopling scale correlated with the results of histopathological examination of their respective biopsies were analysed and matched using Kappa and McNemar test.
The distribution of these cases based on Ridley and Jopling clinical and histopathological classification is shown in Table 4.
Histopathological analysis of the cases in the present study as shown in Table 3 was carried out with due attention to the epidermal atrophy, presence of clear sub-epidermal zone, dermal inflammatory infiltrate, presence and composition of granulomas, presence of giant cells and relative proportion of lymphocytes and foamy histiocytes in accordance with Ridley and Jopling histopathological criteria.
According to Ridley and Jopling's classification, 34.7% cases clinically belonged to lepromatous leprosy (LL) followed by tuberculoid (TT) (25%), borderline tuberculoid (BT) (19.5%), borderline lepromatous (BL) (15.3%), and borderline (BB) (5.6%) whereas according to WHO classification, 70.8% cases were multibacillary (MB) and 29.2% were paucibacillary (PB).
In 1966 Ridley and Jopling published a paper (5) that used clinical, histological and immunological criteria to classify leprosy patients across the spectrum, and suggested five member groups: Tuberculoid (TT), Borderline Tuberculoid (BT), Borderline (BB), Borderline Lepromatous (BL) and Lepromatous (LL).