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RIETIResearch Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry (Japan)
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First of all we carried out a coherent database of the events which occurred on the occasion of the earthquake in Rieti so that, by numerical simulations, we could study the frequency and intensity of the aftershocks in the areas subject to the analysis herein.
Citing primarily Mi'kmaq examples in the latter subsection, Rieti is careful to "emphasize that settlers are the source of almost all the available material" (54) and that Mi'kmaq accounts have yet to be examined.
Le Savoyard de 20 ans est meme passe sous les 10 secondes a deux reprises en moins de deux heures: il egalait d'abord les 9 sec 98 qui avaient fait de lui le premier sprinteur blanc a passer sous les 10 secondes, avant de grappiller un centieme sur la piste reputee tres rapide de Rieti.
Rieti exploits two data sources, contemporary interviews and the Memorial University of Newfoundland Folklore and Language Archive (MUNFLA).
In September 2007, which sprinter broke the 100m world record at the Rieti Grand Prix in Italy with a time of 9.
His final race was at the Rieti Meeting in Italy last weekend where he finished second in the B 800m race.
I try to imagine Rieti, you pregnant, the small room scent of sun and dampness, then a Rome under siege, Mio caro, Mio amore you write Ossoli from Rieti, My husband is Roman, in a letter to your mother, of a noble but now impoverished house.
Today Powell will run in Rieti, Italy, on the same track where he broke the 100m world record 12 months ago - before his teammate and great friend Bolt was considered to be a serious rival over the same distance.
74secs at the IAAF Grand Prix in Rieti on Sunday, beating by 0.
74 seconds at the IAAF Grand Prix meeting in Rieti yesterday.
The Pitfalls of the "Digital Appliances Bubble," column, January 13, 2004, RIETI, Tokyo.