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RVFVRift Valley Fever Virus
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GFV, Gabek Forest virus; H, human; KARV, Karimabad virus; NPV, Ntepes virus; NT, neutralizing test; RVFV, Rift Valley fever virus.
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Despite the potentially higher costs of a Rift Valley fever virus release, in terms of economic costs and human lives lost, (78) most of the debate about mainland versus island laboratories has focused on FMD.
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Frequency of symptoms and signs among 8 patients with confirmed Rift Valley fever virus infection in South Africa, 2008 Symptom Frequency (N (%)) Myalgia 8 (100) Headache 7 (88) Malaise 6 (75) Pyrexia (>38[degrees]C) 5 (63) Nausea 5 (63) Dizziness 5 (63) Abdominal pain 3 (38) Rigors 3 (38) Vomiting 2 (25) Hyperaesthesia 1 (13) Diarrhoea 0 (0) Table II.
have teamed up to develop and test a broad-spectrum antiviral compound capable of stopping a wide range of highly dangerous viruses, including Ebola, HIV, hepatitis C virus, West Nile virus, Rift Valley fever virus and yellow fever virus, among others.
Detection of human immunoglobulins G and M antibodies to Rift Valley fever virus by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.
Rift Valley fever virus (RVFV) is a zoonotic, arthropodborne RNA virus (order Bunyavirales, family Phenuiviridae, genus Phlebovirus) (1,2).
Washington, Feb 18 (ANI): A new study by NASA scientists has determined that an early warning system, more than a decade in development, successfully predicted the 2006-2007 outbreak of the deadly Rift Valley fever virus in northeast Africa.