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R/DRate of Descent
R/DRig Down
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According to Otto Jaschke, Expro's product line manager for North America, with these units performing well testing, "The rig up and rig down time is reduced radically, because all the different components that are required to perform a flowback or a well test, with the exception of just one or two things, are all inside that unit.
"Lake Mead, just outside Las Vegas, is the largest reservoir by volume in the country," Zaldain told me as he pulled his rig down a desert highway.
Using braided lines will let you get a rig down to the bottom even in these depths with minimal lead due to the reduced diameter of the line.
He uses 80-pound-test PowerPro braided line all the way to the drop-shot weight, which is a 1/4 - to 5/8-ounce split shot, just heavy enough to get the rig down to the bottom, but not big enough to hang up in a logjam.
To get this potentially large rig down to the depths, attach several feet of 30-pound mono to the rear hook and add as much lead as you need.
Use the lightest one that still punches through and pulls the rig down.
Using one of the braided lines will let you get a rig down to the bottom even in these depths with minimal lead.
Steelhead use slow water in these conditions and seldom chase--one reason to slow the rig down, but also to make incremental casts.
Size the finished rig down to about 8 inches and wrap a loop in the wire with three or four wraps.
Jay said, "You can catch these pretty much wherever you're catching dolphin; just drop a squid-tipped chicken rig down. The interesting thing here is, these fish will be on hard bottom; if you're catching rosefish you won't be catching golden tiles." That's another good way of locating the golden tile zone.