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RFTRich Text Format (file format)
RFTRequest for Tender
RFTRun Flat Tire (automotive)
RFTRelational Frame Theory (psychology)
RFTRational Functional Tester (Internet testing tool)
RFTRequest for Training
RFTReady For Training
RFTRight First Time
RFTRegular Full Time
RFTRequest for Technology
RFTRenal Function Test (laboratory physiology test)
RFTRun Flat Tire
RFTRich Field Telescope
RFTRepeat Formation Tester (oil industry)
RFTRight Front Tire
RFTRefrigerator-Freezer Thermometer
RFTRefresher Training
RFTReason for Transfer (schools)
RFTRevisable Form Text
RFTRespirator Fit Test
RFTRespiratory Function Test
RFTRunning Foot (linear measurement)
RFTRat für Forschung und Technologieentwicklung (German: Austrian Council for Research and Technology Development)
RFTReady For Tests
RFTRunway Friction Tester (aviation)
RFTRecycle Florida Today (Tallahassee, FL)
RFTReady for Tasking (Boeing FIRST award fee criteria)
RFTRecursive Function Theory (computational mathematics)
RFTReleased From Training
RFTRequest For Thinking
RFTRemote Fob Trigger (detonator)
RFTRadio Frequency Tag
RFTRate-Based Fragmenting Thresholding
RFTResonant Frequency Tool
RFTRetrievable Formation Tester (petroleum industry)
RFTRoyalton Federation of Teachers
RFTReversals Frequency Test (evaluation of reading dysfunction)
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He assigned no role to the blind spot in the vicinity of the front passenger door stating that for the right front tire to strike her, "she had to be in front of the bus," and there was no sign that she was dragged out into the roadway.
The right front tire ran over his upper left foot and arm.
Not until the 172nd lap, when he blew his right front tire stemming from his next collision did he decide to retire for the day.
By then, Kyle Busch had moved back into second, the same spot he had been before a right front tire went down and he went high to scrap in the wall on lap 57 to bring out a caution.
Cottage Grove police used spike strips to puncture the Pontiac's right front tire during the pursuit through two counties, but the car continued along the freeway for about five more miles before Kippes pulled off at the Saginaw exit, Hastings said.
Four playoff drivers failed to finish -- including co-leader Kevin Harvick, who wrecked with 120 laps to go when he blew his right front tire.
The Avantador's right front tire is seen climbing onto the Mazda's fender sending the Lambo airborne and slamming into the helpless BMW.
Leth-Steensen's vehicle veer to the right, strike and drive up on the curb with its right front tire just before the entrance of the jug handle near the Information Center on Route 20, just down the road, according to the police report.
A Section: In a story on Page A3 Tuesday about a fatal bus crash in Texas, The Associated Press reported that authorities have said the bus' right front tire had been retreaded in violation of safety standards.
Police said the Audi was towed away with damage to the undercarriage, drivetrain, and right front tire.
According to early reports, the right front tire of the truck left the roadway about 1:30 p.m.
Evidence left behind indicated that the pickup truck was painted black or royal blue, and the passenger side rearview mirror and right front tire were damaged as the truck scraped by a small tree.