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RHJRight Ho, Jeeves (book)
RHJRanders Hadsund Jernbane (Danish: Randers Hadsund Railway; Denmark)
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On finishing Jeeves and the Wedding Bells, I promptly returned to, not Right Ho, Jeeves, but Birdsong.
But the public remembered and treasured his whimsical and entertaining novels like Right Ho, Jeeves, Quick Service, Blandings Castle, and Joy in the Morning.
In Right Ho, Jeeves (1934), for instance, Bertie brings back a white evening mess jacket from Cannes, which, he says "had [...] been all the rage-tout ce qu'il y a de chic-on the Cote d'Azur", yet, as he expects, Jeeves finds the jacket "quite unsuitable" (16) because, Bertie lets the reader know, "in the matter of evening costume [...] Jeeves is hidebound and reactionary" (15).
In a fit of journalistic integrity I bought Right Ho, Jeeves before writing this column, but even though I read quite a bit of it, I was unable to find any brilliant and entirely original similes in its pages.
My favourite fictional account is from PG Wodehouse's Right Ho, Jeeves. If anyone is looking for a frivolous summer read, I would highly recommend this, in which a drunken Gussie Fink-Nottle, who has been plied with whisky and laced orange juice gives a speech at Market Snodsbury Grammar School where he roundly berates the headmaster and accuses the winner of the Scripture Knowledge Prize of cheating.
It was naturally with great pleasure, then, that I greeted the announcement that the Everyman Library was bringing out a handsome hardcover edition of Wodehouse's novels and stories.(1) The first four volumes--including three masterpieces, Right Ho, Jeeves (1934), The Code of the Woosters (1938), and Pigs Have Wings (1952)--were published last spring.