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RMBRight Mouse Button
RMBRand Merchant Bank (South Africa)
RMBReserve Memory Bytes
RMBRemote Management Board
RMBRemovable Media Bit
RMBRoyal Marine Band (UK)
RMBRen Min Bi (currency of People's Republic of China)
RMBRegional Management Board (USACE)
RMBRubber Medicine Ball (sporting good)
RMBRolf Maier Bode (musician, band)
RMBRail Mounting Bracket
RMBRaw Meaty Bone
RMBRadiant Mixing Block (various companies)
RMBRisk Management Board
RMBRegional Management Boards (UK Office of the Deputy Prime Minister Fire Safety)
RMBRemote Meter Bridge
RMBResource Model Builder (software; IBM)
RMBRural Mail Box (Canada Post Corporation)
RMBRocky Mountain Branch (NOLS Branch)
RMBReverse Make Busy (AT&T)
RMBRecords Management Bulletin
RMBRoadside Mail Box/Bag (Australia Post)
RMBRepairables Management Branch
RMBRequirements Management Board
RMBRadio Maryse Bastié (French radio station)
RMBRemote Maintenance Board (Avaya)
RMBRecreation and Morale Benefits
RMBRoyal Marine Battalion
RMBRails Miniatures de la Boucle (French model railroad club)
RMBRelations Mutuellement Bénéfiques (French: Mutually Beneficial Relationship)
RMBRadio Mulhouse Bienvenue (French Internet radio station)
RMBRail Miniature Bragard (French model railroad club)
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If you forget to hold down the right mouse button, you can open the Auto Fill Options dialog to choose to fill weekdays, months, or years.
Image detail can be increased by double-clicking the left mouse button, and decreased by double-clicking the right mouse button.
Features I would like to see included in the future are "bubble help" (resting the cursor on a screen icon provides a small text box indicating the icon's function); enabling of the right mouse button for copying and other common functions; and titles for the text portion of the screen or automatic expanding of the TOC.
Click with the right mouse button, and you are now able to choose who has the first go.
I clicked the right mouse button to get the edit box and adjusted the wraparound, attachment mode (page, paragraph or character), position and size.
If the matter name or number does not readily come to mind, a click on the right mouse button will automatically summon a table containing a list of the matters to which time can be billed.
The keys, said NMB president Myron Jones, promise to simplify existing combination keystrokes and right mouse button clicks to single key operations when using the Windows 95 software.
The user now has to click the right mouse button to move down a line and both buttons to move up a line.
A simpler change, that will also save significant amounts of time, is that clicking the right mouse button now has the same effect as pressing "Applya or "OKa on all forms.
The popup that appears when you keep the right mouse button pressed, or if you use the hotkey, can be configured to your requirements.