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ROTBRoll Out the Barrel
ROTBReligion Outside the Box (Van Nuys, CA)
ROTBRunning of the Bulls
ROTBRight Off the Bat
ROTBRepairers of the Breach Ministry (Aberdeen, MI)
ROTBRise of the Beast (Teh-Ko movie)
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Right off the bat, I've been able to use Parsons' concept of the pillars of ethical public relations:
Right off the bat, Jeremy is immersed in celebrity, controversy and even romance.
The individual who trains himself to make decisions right off the bat will discover that, by and large, they are as good as though he had agonized over them for two or three days.
IIABA's concept doesn't call for Congress to threaten the states if they don't take actions by a certain date; it is pre-emption right off the bat.
But flow simulation provided an answer that worked right off the bat.
We got emails from (fans in) Norway and Japan right off the bat, from many film festivals.
To provide industry suppliers with an affordable means to promote their equipment, products and services to key industry decision makers, advertisements were first accepted in May 1945--and attracted 50 full pages of ads right off the bat.
Nobody chose a base for the Apaches right off the bat, and then they picked one that had to be entirely rebuilt with rockfill.
You may find exactly what you want right off the bat.
With Clinton offering so much to the Pentagon right off the bat, it may end up getting even more.
Right off the bat I must point out that the recording quality on this release is truly excellent, with a natural timbre and realistic dynamics that will make you glad you have assembled a top-notch stereo.