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ROTBRace on the Base (Los Alamitos, CA)
ROTBRoll Out the Barrel
ROTBReligion Outside the Box (Van Nuys, CA)
ROTBRunning of the Bulls
ROTBRight Off the Bat
ROTBRepairers of the Breach Ministry (Aberdeen, MI)
ROTBRise of the Beast (Teh-Ko movie)
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BEIRUT: Context matters, especially in journalism, so I'd like to state something for the record right off the bat. As much as we'd like to pretend otherwise, cars in Lebanon are considered status symbols.
"But I think that's a real positive message that on top of their agenda they see regulatory relief, talking about issues for credit unions and community institutions right off the bat so we see that as a real positive sign to try to get some things moving in this Congress."
So right off the bat I am not one who craves signing away my freedom and spending thousands of dollars on an occasion that will most likely lead to a tragic and stressful end.
as if we'd get into s*** like that right off the bat. It's only been a matter of days since she got involved and already I'm wishing we hadn't done any of that extra-curricular c***, as, I'm sure, is Starsky - wherever he is right now.
Washington, Apr 16 ( ANI ): A new study suggests that restaurants that now provide "low-calorie" labels on their menus can inadvertently cause people to eliminate healthy food right off the bat.
We saw a very different behavior right off the bat."
Everyone experiences this, but few people know how to handle it right off the bat. Failures are the ladders to success.
Now that the harvest is in, retailers are aware of the size and quality of the crop and have been offering promotions right off the bat. Shipments are up versus last year and they have been since we began shipping this season.
"Right Off the Bat!: Baseball, Cricket, Literature, & Life" is an explanation book designed to bridge the American and British cousins, so that this sister sports may be better be understood by each other.
"In large companies, they're talking deployment in the tens of thousands, right off the bat," said Jeff McDowell, senior vice president of enterprise and platform marketing for RIM.
JOHN & ROY HOLMES is an outstanding, pleasant surprise: it opens with Any Day Now, a song combining folk with African-influenced rhythms, and makes for a compelling, attention-grabbing presentation right off the bat. 'Get Myself a Gun' adds harmonica and a folksier beat--it too is compelling, sans the African influence--and it could easily serve as a soundtrack addition.