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RRTReal Rap Talk (online forum)
RRTRegistered Respiratory Therapist
RRTRailroad Tracks (stocks)
RRTRemove Restrictions Tool (software)
RRTRapid Response Team
RRTRight Side (philately)
RRTRenal Replacement Therapy
RRTRapid Relief Team (various organizations)
RRTRapid Relief Team (various locations)
RRTRecommended Repair Tape
RRTRegional Response Team
RRTRefugee Review Tribunal (Australia)
RRTRelative Retention Time
RRTRapid Release Technology (treatment for soft tissue problems)
RRTRound Robin Tournament
RRTRecommended Replacement Time (medical devices)
RRTRadiological Response Team (US FEMA)
RRTRapidly-Exploring Random Tree (algorithm)
RRTRail Rapid Transit
RRTRegistered Radiologic Technologist
RRTRound Robin Test
RRTRating Region Table
RRTCanadian Journal of Respiratory Therapy
RRTRose RealTime (Rational Software)
RRTRisk Reduction Test
RRTReading Resource Teacher (various schools)
RRTRadio Reconnaissance Team (USMC)
RRTReport Requirements Template
RRTRequisite Remedial Technology
RRTRapid Retargeting (US Navy NAVSUP)
RRTRapid Reprogramming Terminal
RRTRendezvous Radar Transponder
RRTRefractive Relativity Theory
RRTReverse Recovery Time
RRTResource Rental Tax (Australia)
RRTRadar Range Tracking
RRTRe-Calibrate Retry in Track-Seek Servo
RRTRange Router Table
RRTRéseau Régional de Télécommunications (French: Regional Telecommunications Network)
RRTReliability Run Test
RRTReadiness Review Team
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References in classic literature ?
So numerous indeed and so powerful are the causes which serve to give a false bias to the judgment, that we, upon many occasions, see wise and good men on the wrong as well as on the right side of questions of the first magnitude to society.
It was really comical to see the creature walk; for it moved the legs on its right side together, and those on its left side together, as a pacing horse does; and that made its body rock sidewise, like a cradle.
Not seldom in this life, when, on the right side, fortune's favorites sail close by us, we, though all adroop before, catch somewhat of the rushing breeze, and joyfully feel our bagging sails fill out.
It was indeed a twisted smile, for it was on the left side only, the facial muscles of the right side moving not at all.
The left side of the forest was dark in the shade, the right side glittered in the sunlight, wet and shiny and scarcely swayed by the breeze.
Crook; "but then I am on the right side of the wall now."
But he still kept on running, going along the right side of the court towards the end of the right wing of the chateau, which had no other outlet than the door of the little chamber occupied by the forest-keeper.
In the large pocket, on the right side of his middle cover" (so I translate the word RANFULO, by which they meant my breeches,) "we saw a hollow pillar of iron, about the length of a man, fastened to a strong piece of timber larger than the pillar; and upon one side of the pillar, were huge pieces of iron sticking out, cut into strange figures, which we know not what to make of.
He ran always on her right side. The fact that he had but one eye, and that the left eye, might account for this.
If you cannot tell your right side from your left, I fear that no words of mine can make my meaning clear to you.
In the end, disgusted with so unreasonable a puppy, Lamai forgot his love in his boyish savageness, clouted Jerry over the head, right side and left, and tied him as few whites men's dogs have ever been tied.
But now Fortune, fearing she had acted out of character, and had inclined too long to the same side, especially as it was the right side, hastily turned about: for now Goody Brown--whom Zekiel Brown caressed in his arms; nor he alone, but half the parish besides; so famous was she in the fields of Venus, nor indeed less in those of Mars.