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However, previous reports indicate surgery and antecedent trauma are risk factors associated with SS susceptibility.[1] In our case, the patient had likely developed SS after receiving surgery on her right upper arm. Conservative surgery is the main treatment option for SS cases and can remove all of the visible tumors, regardless of whether cutaneous metastases are detected.[3] In contrast, there is limited evidence showing a survival benefit with chemotherapy treatment in SS cases.[2],[3],[4] SS can lead to diagnostic confusion with the following neoplasms: myoepithelial carcinoma, mesothelioma, leiomyosarcoma, epithelioid sarcoma, malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor, and carcinosarcoma.
He has a tattoo of an anchor on his right upper arm and another of an eagle on his left.
With the software we extracted the measurements of nine paired measurements of left and right upper arm girth, elbow girth, forearm girth, wrist girth, thigh girth, knee girth, thigh length, calf girth, and shin length.
He has "MAM" tattooed on his right upper arm. Noon is white, 5ft 8ins tall and of medium build, with brown hair, a moustache and blue eyes.
Fifty-four-year-old Tracy Anthony, an American ?national, came to the RAK Hospital emergency section with excruciating pain and numbness in his right upper arm along with a tingling sensation throughout the arm.
Height was 96 cm (3-10p/-1.47 SDS), body weight 15.3 kg (25-50p, -0.43 SDS), the right upper arm was 13 cm, the right forearm 13 cm, the upper left arm 10.5 cm, and the right forearm was 10 cm.
A few hours following my workout, when muscle soreness began to set in, I strapped LumiWave to my right upper arm, near the shoulder.
Physical examination revealed a right axillary soft mass filling the axilla and right upper arm (Fig.
We report a case of 22-year-old male patient with severe hemophilia A who developed DVT in the right upper arm.
A PET-CT scan (Figure 3) showed pronounced inflammatory cutaneous changes of almost the whole right leg with possible muscular involvement, patchy inflammatory changes of the muscles and skin of the left leg, lymphadenitis of the inguinal and iliac lymph nodes, and minor skin changes of the right upper arm similar to those of the right leg.
The new vascular access was in use for 16 months, with incidents of venous thrombotic events, progressive right upper arm edema, and venous hypertension (right subclavian vein stenosis).
That event is fixed in my mind because during the first attempt to inject my right upper arm with a syringe, the needle bent!