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Lesion site of CCAM was left upper lobe in 2 patients, left lower lobe in 2 patients, right upper lobe in 1 patient, right middle and lower lobes in 1 patient and right lower lobe in 1 patient.
BAL from the right upper lobe revealed a positive Ziehl-Nelseen stain confirming tuberculosis (TB), and the TBLB from the posterior segment of the right upper lobe and the posterior basal segment of the right lower lobe for histopathological examination revealed silica crystals due to silica dust exposure (Fig.
ROIs were placed in eleven locations in the pulmonary arterial tree, namely main pulmonary artery, right pulmonary artery, left pulmonary artery, right upper lobar artery right interlobar pulmonary artery, left upper lobar artery, left lower lobar artery, right upper lobe anterior segmental artery, right lower lobe medial segmental artery, left upper lobe anterior segment and left lower lobe medial segmental artery.
Any lobe of the lung can be involved, but two-thirds of the patients experience involvement of the right upper lobe. [1,5]
Chest x-ray one day after admission showing airspace and groundglass opacification of the right upper lobe and mild groundglass opacification of the left upper lobe.
Chest high-resolution computed tomography indicated ground-glass opacities on the right upper lobe of the lung, in line with pericardial and pleural effusion, and increased number of bilateral enlarged axillary lymph nodes.
A right side DLT position was considered optimal when the right upper lobe bronchus was visualized through the Murphy's eye in the bronchial lumen.
After a chest radiograph, the patient was discharged with a doxycycline prescription for right upper lobe pneumonia.
Five different ostia on the right drained the right upper lobe, middle lobe, right lower lobe, lower lobe superior segment, and lower lobe basal segment.
Adhesions of the right upper lobe to the mediastinal pleura at the level of the azygocaval junction were bluntly mobilized and the abscess cavity was identified.
Panel (b) presents a nonsolid nodule of 20 mm in diameter in the right upper lobe in a 57-year-old man.
Computed tomographic angiography (CTA) was performed demonstrating pseudoaneurysmal degeneration of the aortic graft and fistulous flow to the right upper lobe (RUL) bronchus (Figure 1).
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