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RUPVRight Upper Pulmonary Vein
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Recent research from our laboratory also demonstrated that isolation of the right upper pulmonary vein attenuated vagal innervation of the atria and suppressed AF inducibility [21].
Reported early complications of septal occluder device use include residual shunt, systemic and pulmonary embolization, and device impingement on superior caval vein, on the right upper pulmonary vein, and on the mitral and tricuspid valves.7 Late complications include peripheral embolization of thrombus/ device, sudden death, aortic arch embolization, erosion of the device into the ascending aorta with associated aortic-to-right atrial fistula formation, deep venous thrombosis, cardiac perforation presenting as cardiogenic shock and infective endocarditis.8 The device-based complications may develop both early and late regardless of the size or type of current devices.
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