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RHMRasmey Hang Meas (Cambodian media production company)
RHMRed Head Monday
RHMRank Hovis McDougall (UK company)
RHMRhythm Heaven Megamix (gaming)
RHMRight Hand Man (band)
RHMRheinisches Museum für Philologie (journal)
RHMRed Hot Mama
RHMRelative Humidity Module (sensor)
RHMRight-Handed Media
RHMRemains Handling Model
RHMRegistered Housing Manager
RHMRoutine Health Maintenance
RHMRed Hub Module
RHMRemote Hire Man (freelance job website)
RHMRecognized Hazardous Material
RHMRenewed Heart Ministries
RHMRessources Humaines Médiation (French: Human Resources Mediation)
RHMRed Hot Monogamy
RHMRessorts Haut-Marnais (French spring production company)
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Al-Sumeriyah news quoted Iraqi intelligence sources as saying that Abu Walid al-Shishani known as the right hand man of ISIL Ring Leader Abu Bakr Baghdadi was killed in security forces' operation in Kirkuk province.
Karachi -- Security forces during search operation have nabbed a right hand man of Uzair Baloch, ring leader of Lyari Gang War after an encounter on Pak-Iran border.
Summary: A tech-savvy thief and his right hand man allegedly used stolen credit card details to pay the traffic fines of other people, in return for payment.
The court's Grand Chamber will decide whether to hear his appeal, but the radical cleric, once described by a judge as Osama bin Laden's right hand man in Europe, cannot be deported until the court has reached a decision.