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ROOKangaroo (short form)
ROORefined Olive Oil
ROORules of Origin
ROORub One Out
ROORight of Occupancy (legal right; various locations)
ROORead Only Operand
ROORoyal Oak Offshore (watch)
ROORenewables Obligation Order (UK)
ROOReturn on Objective
ROORules Of Order
ROOReal Object Oriented (computer programming)
ROOReturn On Opportunity
ROORecruiting Operations Officer (US Army Cadet Command)
ROORegional Outreach Officer (Australia immigration)
ROORichland Operations Office
ROORecord of Origin (Intel)
ROOResearch Opportunities Office (various schools)
ROOReserve Officer Orientation
ROORail Ordnance Officer (Australia)
References in classic literature ?
The territory, thus free from all exclusive possession, they might have taken by the natural right of occupancy.
The Kaduna Geographic Information Service (KADGIS) issued a revocation notice of the statutory right of occupancy No.
The problem, though, is that the right of occupancy is authenticated usually by a hand-written agreement between the seller and the buyer.
After the Five Nations (Choctaw, Chickasaw, Cherokee, Creek, and Seminole) were removed from their ancestral homes into Oklahoma before the Civil War, they were seen as conquered foes after the war and were accused of violating their treaties with the US or committing crimes against the American settlers who were invading their homes, allowing the US to claim its right of occupancy over their land.
The parties have agreed to work in accordance with the new Forestry Law recently issued by the Government and it has been ensured that timber companies must pay their quotations with the State in terms of the right of occupancy, payment entitlements and conservation of exploitation rights From the wood.
Moreover, Marshall's opinion compared Indian rifle to a leasehold and spoke largely in terms of purchasing the right of occupancy.
However, Nash, 26, refused to leave, despite being warned by housing officers that he had no right of occupancy and was trespassing.
As a result, the newly independent United States gradually adopted the notion that the Indians were in fact not the owners of the land but had only a right of occupancy, a view expressed by the U.
The waiver is his agreement that in the event of your death he has no right of occupancy.
Other recommendations include the right of occupancy for those who are not listed on the Certificate of Possession, and the inclusion of protections for spouses in marriage breakdowns in self-governing agreements with reserves.
The builder of the house had a right of occupancy under the law if smoke could be seen coming from the chimney by daybreak.
The Court severely criticized the City's behavior, but nevertheless denied a remedy of repossession, since the center's right of occupancy had already expired, and repossession would be "futile":